Turbo Cola Claims Top Honors as Award This! Best Indie Movie of the Year Image

Turbo Cola Claims Top Honors as Award This! Best Indie Movie of the Year

By Film Threat Staff | December 16, 2023

In a resounding victory for independent cinema, Turbo Cola has been crowned the Best Indie Picture of the Year at Film Threat’s prestigious annual awards ceremony, “Award This!”, held on December 10 at the iconic Frida Cinema in Santa Ana, California. The event was attended by many of the nominated filmmakers (some brought their moms) and hosted by the incomparable stand-up comedian Lila Hart.

Turbo Cola, a dynamic and innovative low-budget gem, triumphed over a field of exceptional independent films, reaffirming the power of creativity and artistic freedom in the world of filmmaking. It’s the story that takes place on the eve of Y2K about a soon-to-be high school graduate planning to rob the gas stop ATM where he works. In his review, Alan Ng says, “Turbo Cola is not so much about the heist but Austin confronting the elements of his life holding him back.” This remarkable achievement underscores the spirit of independent filmmaking that continues to captivate audiences and industry professionals alike.

Lila Hart – 2023 Award This! Ceremony Host

Film Threat would like to congratulate all of the winners and nominees of this year’s ceremony, including This is Gwar, a documentary about the legendary metal band, and winner of Directress of the Year, Stacey Maltin, for her LGBT musical Triple Threat.

Award This! was sponsored by Liquid Death, Encyclopocalypse, NEFT Vodka, Rhythmz Wifi Backpack, ShortsTV, Sugar Studios, and From the Heart Productions.

The two-hour event is available on the Film Threat YouTube Channel.

Award This! 2023 Nominees and Winners

Award This! Film About Movies or Filmmaking

Award This! Winner April Wright (Director of Back to the Drive-In)

Award This! Music Documentary

Subjects of Award This! Best Music Documentary – Finding Her Beat

Award This! Socially Relevant Documentary

Award This! Pop Culture Documentary

Unreal Outsiders Documentary

Award This! Documentary

Jason Loftus – Director of Eternal Sptings – 2023 Award This! Best Animated Feature of the Year

Award This! Indie Sci-Fi

Award This! Indie Horror

Award This! Indie Comedy

Filmmakers from BRISTOL FASHION – Best LGBTQ+ Indie Film of the Year

Award This! Indie LGBTQ+ Themed Film

Award This! Indie Animation

Award This! Indie Action/Thriller

Filmmaker, Stars, and Mother of the Award This! WTF Movie of the Year

Award This! WTF Indie like “What the F**k is This Movie Even?”

Award This! Indie Romance

Award This! Indie Drama

Justin Souriau-Levine – Director of Planet of the Astronauts – 2023 Award This! Movie Made for Less than the Contents of an Oscars Basket.

Award This! Indie Made for Less Than the Contents of an Oscar Gift Bag (Under $100K)

Award This! Christmas Horror Film

Alejandro Montoya Marin – Winner of Award This! Best Short Film

Award This! Short Film

Christopher Morvant (Life Cycle) – 2023 Director of the Year

Award This! Director

Stacy Maltin (Triple Threat) – 2023 Award This! Directress of the Year

Award This! Directress

Bradon Keeton (Producer) and Luke Covert (Director) of Turbo Cola – 2023 Award This! Best Indie Movie of the Year

Award This! Indie Movie of the Year

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