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Same Old

By Bobby LePire | October 31, 2022

Writer-director Lloyd Lee Choi’s 15-minute short Same Old ends in a shocking way. Simple, sweet, but entirely unexpected. Of course, it would be rude and wrong to spoil it, but the film is worth the slight time investment to experience the last few lines.

The story is about N.Y.C. delivery man Lu (Limin Wang) on one crazy night. While delivering some food, somebody steals Lu’s e-bike. Now, the man must figure out a way to still drop food off and track down his missing bike (to return to the rental spot). Meanwhile, his wife keeps calling Lu, letting him know their fish has died. Can anything else happen to Lu tonight?

“…the man must figure out a way to still drop food off and track down his missing bike…”

Choi highlights the real Big Apple throughout Same Old, not just the same old tourist destinations seen in millions of shows and movies. As such, this drama has an authenticity and matter-of-factness that aids both Lu’s characterization and the setting in huge ways. In addition, the tight editing and (again) beautiful conclusion help one stay invested as Lu’s bad night seemingly gets more hopeless.

Wang is brilliantly cast as the lead. He’s in every scene and sells the despair he’s feeling at every turn. The dramatic lighting helps him as well since the visuals convey many of the emotions the main character is feeling at any given moment.

Same Old is expertly put together and features a superb turn by Limin Wang. But that’s not why this short is one of the best of the year. No, it is the last minute or two, which exposes just how deep Lu’s love for his family goes, that cements this in the perfect category.

Same Old (2022)

Directed and Written: Lloyd Lee Choi

Starring: Limin Wang, etc.

Movie score: 10/10

Same Old Image


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