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Breaking the Loop

By Michael Talbot-Haynes | November 17, 2023

AWARD THIS! 2023 NOMINEE! It’s time jumping Texas-style in writer/director Joel Moody’s clever science fiction action film Breaking the Loop. Bo (Joel Moody) is a broke long-haired country boy who has to put his dog down. While boiling his sorrows in booze and bonfires, Bo has visions of his long-lost Candice (Summer Astrea), standing in her cowboy boots in a field of bluebonnets.

His hunting buddy, Jason (Antuone Torbert), lets Bo know the army is shipping him off for black ops training soon, leaving Bo all the more alone, as most assume he’s like his deadbeat dad. Candice’s friend, Savannah (Stephanie Ard), checks in on him as Bo feels guilty as Candice stood by him when he was an aspiring BMX racer. In turn, he “treated her like s**t” with his wandering pants. After Candice left Bo, she was killed in a car wreck. Savannah lets Bo know spirits aren’t the answer, and God can forgive him. Meanwhile, on the TV, there’s talk of wormholes that the government is exploring.

“…all the future Bos want this Bo to go back to 2020 and find a way to save Candice.”

Breaking the Loop picks up later that night when Bo hears gunshots and noises outside his house. When he comes out to the porch with a gun, there is a body in a hoodie lying there. Turning it over, Bo sees that the body is him… with a bullet hole. The camera in the pocket of the corpse has a Bo from the future explaining to Bo that he stole the fixings for a wormhole and put them right over Pecos Pond. However, the FBT (Federal Bureau of Time) is after him, hunting down and shooting the Bos that have run away in time, reiterated by another bullet-riddled Bo appearing in the yard. Now, all the future Bos want this Bo to go back to 2020 and find a way to save Candice.

So Bo loads up his bike and a homemade bike ramp into his pickup, heading to the wormhole hanging in the air above Pecos Pond. He ties a rope to the back of his pickup and holds the other end on while on his BMX bike. He has Savannah, who has been drinking, drive the pickup as fast towards the water as she can while pulling the bike. At the last minute, Bo lets go of the rope, and the BMX bike hits the ramp and sails through the wormhole in the air. Bo lands in the past surrounded by rattlesnakes and ranchers, looking to save Candice. But dark amphetamine gobbling figures sneak up behind Bo, looking to choke the life out of him.

Breaking the Loop (2022)

Directed and Written: Joel Moody

Starring: Joel Moody, Antuone Torbert, Stephanie Ard, Summer Astrea, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Breaking the Loop Image

"…created a science fiction spark that would knock a hole in the screen."

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