Sundance Film Festival 2021 Wrap Up Image

Sundance Film Festival 2021 Wrap Up

By Team Film Threat | March 6, 2021

The Film Threat team descended upon the digital icy tundra of Park City, Utah, in January 2021, seeking shelter indoors and set to see as many films as possible. Film Threat fought to bring you reviews from the 2021 Sundance Film Festival along with coverage of the party scene and some perspective on this massive celebration of groundbreaking films and exciting new voices in cinema.


Alan Ng

Years attending Sundance: Second-time veteran.

Sundance 2020 Films Seen: Amy Tan: Unintended Memoir, Homeroom, Mother Schmuckers, Rebel Hearts, Street Gang: How We Got To Sesame Street, Superior, Taming the Garden, The Affected (Short), The Fourfold (Short), The World To Come, Together Together

Fave Sundance 2020 Film: Together Together for best film and Q&A. 

Best Sundance Post-Screening Experience or Q&A: After only seven days, I figured out where to go for the Q&A…seriously.

Tales from the Film Threat Condo: It was warm and had an X-Box.

Brad Gibson

Years attending Sundance: This is the second Sundance festival I’ve covered, the first time I was there in person at Park City (in the before times) was in 2019.

Sundance 2021 Films Reviewed: At The Ready, Playing With Sharks, Luzzu, A Glitch in the Matrix, Bring Your Own Brigade, Wild Indian, I Was a Simple Man, Mayday, Night of the Kings, Violation

Fave Sundance 2021 Film: Bring Your Own Brigade, a documentary about the 2018 CA Camp Fire, and the Woolsey fire. An absolute eye-opener about how the US disregards scientific facts in favor of profit and individualism, even if it means people will die. This includes residents who are in danger themselves.

Best Party or Lounge: Since we weren’t in Park City this year, the best socializing came in the webcast gatherings of Film Threat critics to discuss what we’d seen. We have a friendly, funny group of writers, and it’s always a lively and entertaining conversation.

Tales from the Film Threat Condo: No Condo this year, hopefully in 2022!

Best Sundance Post-Screening Experience or Q&A: The At The Ready Q&A was a great follow-up to the high school students in the documentary one year later.

Celebrity Sighting: Juliet Lewis in the Mayday Q&A

Lorry Kikta

Years Attending Sundance: This is my second year covering Sundance for Film Threat.

Sundance 2021 Films Reviewed: Into the Earth, Censor, El Planeta, On The Count of Three, Summer of Soul, The Sparks Brothers, Pleasure, The Blazing World, Prisoners of the Ghostland, All Light Everywhere, Cryptozoo, Passing

Fave Sundance 2021 Film: A tie between Pleasure, Censor, and Passing

Best Party or Lounge: My living room

Best Sundance post-screening experience or Q&A: Udo Keir was delightful in The Blazing World Q&A

Celebrity Sighting: My cat, Peanut.

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