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By Jim Agnew | April 11, 2004

“Dear Pillow” is about an awkward teenager named Wes. Wes spends his days going to school, working at a grocery store and listening to a phone sex-line that he taps into with a police scanner. Wes’s lonely existence includes a world devoid of friends and a detached Father. When Wes strikes up a friendship with a neighbor named Dusty, he not only makes a much needed friend, but he’s also introduced to Dusty’s profession, writing porn.
It’s not long before Wes puts two and two together and decides that he should also become a porno-writer since he has a secret weapon that gives him the inside track to what makes great reading, his police scanner. Dusty, who is a former porn director, shows Wes the tricks of the trade as he teaches him to “Write for the penis.”
“Dear Pillow” is a unique film about an unlikely friendship between two lonely people that find out they have a lot in common. But as with most relationships they also have their differences.
The acting in “Dear Pillow” is top notch. Rusty Kelly is great as the shy, but surely Wes. Gary Chason is fantastic as the penismaster Dusty. Writer / Director Bryan Poyser does a great job of handing the characters through out the film, which at times presents some challenging material.
While most of the pornography talked about in the film (and there’s a lot of it) is mostly discussed in a very antiseptic format, the constant talk about “cocks” and “jacking off” may turn some people off, but “Dear Pillow” is simply about a strange friendship between two very different people.

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