Toronto International Film Festival 2021 Wrap Up Image

Toronto International Film Festival 2021 Wrap Up

By Film Threat Staff | September 24, 2021

The Film Threat team descended upon the digital and physical icy tundra of Toronto, Ontario of the Great White North, in September 2021. Film Threat fought to bring you reviews from the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival with our own Andy Howell is on the ground in Toronto and Alan Ng in the hot Southern California weather.

Hellbound – coming to Netflix

Alan Ng

Years attending Sundance: First-Time Virtual Attendee.

TIFF 2021 Films Seen: Attica, Encounter, Hellbound, Montana Story, Mothering Sunday, One Second, Sundown, The Electrical Life of Louis Wain, The Good House, The Starling, True Things

Fave TIFF 2021 Film: Not quite a film, but I can’t stop thinking about Hellbound. It’s the next Walking Dead.

The Rescue – Courtesy of TIFF

Andy Howell

Years attending TIFF: Almost 15 years and represented Film Threat the last five years.

Sundance 2021 Films Seen: A Hero, Attica, Compartment No. 6, Dionne Warwick: Don’t Make Me Over, Hold Your Fire, Mothering Sunday, The Guilty, The Power of the Dog, The Rescue, The Starling

Fave Sundance 2021 Film: As an avid diver, the natural choice was The Rescue.

More TIFF Reviews from Film Threat’s Remote Team Coverage

Here’s the review round-up from our remote team who was unable to join us in Toronto, but were there in spirit.

Alex Saveliev: The Mad Women’s Ball

Bobby LePire: Lo Invisible

Bradley Gibson: Dashcam, The Devil’s Driver

Kyle Bain: Silent Land

Matt Passantino: Julia

Michael Talbot-Haynes: Drunken Birds

Nick Rocco Scalia: Terrorizers

Rob Rector: Farha, The Wheel

Sabina Dana-Plasse: The Odd-Job Men

Swapnil Dhruv Bose: Zalava

Enjoy this playlist of Film Threat’s 2021 TIFF coverage on YouTube.

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