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OG Kush THCA Flower: Origins, Characteristics, and Effects

By Film Threat Staff | February 8, 2024

If you live in a state that doesn’t permit the recreational use of marijuana and you lack an MMJ card, it’s possible that you could still legally get your hands on OG Kush flower. You see, there’s something of a loophole in place that permits the sale and purchase of THCA flower.

This is because THCA is non-intoxicating, and best of all, the OG Kush flower you see online is filled with this cannabinoid. However, once you decarboxylate it (expose it to heat), the THCA converts into the THC that causes a high. Of course, several states have decided to ban THCA, but if you’re interested in getting OG Kush flower legally, it’s worth checking out the laws in your state.

So, what is OG Kush flower? Let’s find out!

What Is OG Kush Flower?

The OG Kush strain is a legendary one and is often the ‘go-to’ strain for experienced users. It is also a favorite amongst MMJ patients because of its apparent ability to relieve pain and elevate mood. There is certainly ample research outlining how marijuana can alleviate chronic pain. This is important because chronic pain remains one of the nation’s biggest health concerns, with tens of millions of Americans afflicted. 

In any case, OG Kush flower has mysterious origins despite its popularity. It is believed, though not confirmed, that the strain is a cross of Hindu Kush, Lemon Thai, a Californian strain that isn’t known, and Chemdawg. There is even a debate about what ‘OG’ means. 

For some people, it quite obviously means “Original Gangster.” Yet, I have heard that it could stand for a now-defunct website called OverGrown.com, which was closed by law enforcement almost two decades ago.

When you buy OG Kush THCA flower from Premium Jane or another top-rated brand, take note of the cannabinoid content. Premium Jane is one of the relatively few companies that include third-party lab reports with its products. OG Kush’s THC can comfortably exceed 20%, which means that if you light up OG Kush flower, be prepared for the decarbing process to turn the THCA into enough THC to give you a VERY noticeable high. 

Those who consume this strain say they feel intense euphoria, and it doesn’t take long for the effects to kick in. Soon, you will likely lose all urgency and sit down with no real desire to get back up! Thus, it’s a good idea to complete your daily tasks before settling down with OG Kush flower.

What About Growing OG Kush?

If you live in a state where growing marijuana at home is legal, you may be tempted to see if you can cultivate it yourself. However, you’ll definitely need some OG Kush growing tips because it’s a challenging strain to cultivate. Yet, given the fact it is Grade A weed and will cost a pretty penny to buy from a dispensary or a trusted brand like Premium Jane, you may find that it’s worth a go. 

I must warn you that going down this route will require you to pay close attention to your OG Kush flower crop at all times. That’s because it is susceptible to issues such as mold, mites, bugs, and powdery mildew. 

Realistically, unless you live in a warm, sunny climate and have private land, growing OG Kush legally outdoors isn’t on the menu. When you grow this plant indoors, consider implementing a hydroponics setup for a bigger yield. When cultivated inside, OG Kush’s flowering period is approximately nine weeks, though it could take one week less.

Typically, you could get around 18 ounces per square meter planted at harvest time, which is thousands of dollars’ worth of usable weed!

Final Thoughts on OG Kush Flower

At present, there’s an interesting legal stipulation that ensures THCA is technically federally legal. Thus, it is up to each state to decide whether the cannabinoid is legal or not. Check your state’s laws to discover whether you can legally buy OG Kush THCA flower online.

If you can, bear in mind that while THCA is non-intoxicating, it converts into THC when exposed to heat. So, if you light a joint filled with OG Kush, the THCA will convert into THC, and you’ll begin to notice a very potent high. 

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