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Here Is Why You Don’t Often See Online Casinos In Movies

By Film Threat Staff | May 19, 2023

Casinos: they are a place to go to if you’re looking for a night out; to let loose with friends or in your own company and venture into a world with colorful lights, good music, and plenty of memories to be made – if you’re lucky! Chances are, you’ve seen one in some capacity. And when it comes to the movie world, you don’t have to look far.

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Movies like The Gambler (2014), Casino (1995), and Ocean’s Eleven (2001) take your hand and bring you into the casino world, and, for the most part, you experience a movie full of risk, reward, tense action, and brilliant characters. But movies that include online casinos seem few and far between. So, what is the reason why you don’t often see online casinos in movies?

The atmosphere of traditional casinos is something unique, a vibe and an atmosphere that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. And when it comes to casino-related titles, the dim lighting, colorful slots, and fitting musical ambiance can set the casino theme almost effortlessly. Visiting a traditional casino offers a unique spectacle; you witness the glitz and the glamour of players that enjoy the night away, dressed in their best suits and dresses making the most out of the bars and restaurants that the casino has to offer. You witness others adopting a more serious approach to the slots, fixated on getting the most out of their favorite games.

The point is, traditional casinos are far more identifiable; when we think of these types of casinos, we’re already able to conjure images in our heads of what we know a casino to be. And when we’re able to do that with these casinos, it makes it easier to create a movie centered around this. It’s an already established atmosphere that you can play off of.

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What does this mean for online casinos?

But with movies not spending much focus on online casinos, it may lead fans to forget about some original elements and features that differentiate them from their land-based counterpart. Many online casinos include more games to choose from, and more incentives, too. For example, unlike traditional casinos, there are several online casino sites that offer bonus codes. Sites like BonusFinder allow you to get yourself a Golden Nugget online casino bonus code on the website. Bonuses like these are made very clear on these types of websites, but may not be so obvious or could be completely absent from traditional casinos.

With plenty of movies focused on land-based casinos, there’s no doubt that they’ve resonated well with long-term casino goers or new fans alike. After all, they offer a unique experience and the chance for a good time. Online casinos certainly can’t replicate that sort of experience to the same level, and it would evidently be a struggle to capture the same magic in a movie setting. But this could mean that fewer people feel enticed to give online casinos a chance and miss out on their own unique offerings, like bonus codes and additional games, as a result.

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