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Netflix Series: Hurts Like Hell

By Film Threat Staff | March 7, 2023

If you’re looking for a unique blend of drama inspired by true events and a documentary-style series about sports, Netflix’s “Hurts Like Hell” is certainly worth checking out. The 2022 limited series is largely aimed at followers of Thailand’s national sport and concentrates on the significant topic of corruption within the Thai Boxing Industry (Muay Thai). The series raises many questions concerning issues like match-fixing and crooked refereeing. 

About The Series

The show is not just limited to the locals of Thailand who have a deep appreciation for the sport but also draws the attention of the many tourists who come to Thailand to witness live matches and train in Muay Thai-focused gyms. 

The trailer for the limited series “Hurts Like Hell” begins with a striking statement: “It’s the only sport where we choose to sacrifice our body. It’s the only sport that offers opportunities for us to have a future through Muay Thai. The main supporters of every boxing arena are the gamblers, making them the key drivers of the sport. Gambling is the heart that sustains the industry.” This highlights the close relationship between Muay Thai and the gambling industry and introduces viewers to the dangerous underbelly of the sport.

The series consists of four episodes that showcase the different sides of Muay Thai boxing and the corruption within the sport. The show combines dramatic action in the ring and outside of it with talking head interviews with Muay Thai pro fighters. These interviews are used to explain the way the country’s economy has affected the sport.

The show offers a moderate level of entertainment, which may occasionally feel underwhelming. Some viewers may find certain aspects lacking in information, preventing the series from being a truly enlightening documentary. Meanwhile, others may argue that the show falls short of being a gripping thriller drama – at least, not on par with what is typically seen on Netflix. Despite this, the series does transport viewers to a world of Thai boxing, much like the setup of the popular series “The Last Czars”.

Despite the negative impact of gambling on the sport, the tradition and culture of Muay Thai still hold significant importance in Thai society. Many consider it to be more than just a sport, but a way of life that embodies the values of discipline, respect, and perseverance. The series aims to shed light on the issues plaguing the sport, but also to showcase its positive qualities and the individuals working to preserve its integrity.

The Modern World of Muay Thai Boxing

Muay Thai, an integral part of Thai heritage, has unfortunately become entangled in corruption over the years. The series delves into the underlying causes behind the sport’s diminishing reputation, and poses a critical question: can Muay Thai withstand the murky waters of the gambling industry and retain its integrity?

Surprisingly, a staggering 98% of Muay Thai spectators place bets on the fight outcomes, but with the rise of online sports betting in Thailand, the trend seems to be shifting towards virtual platforms.  Using online sites could reduce the pressure on Muay Thai matches to serve as gambling outlets. However, this shift also presents new challenges and potential risks, such as the lack of regulation and oversight in the online betting industry.

Ultimately, the future of Muay Thai rests in the hands of its stakeholders, including the fighters, trainers, promoters, and fans, as well as the government and other regulatory bodies. It will require a collective effort to address the issues of corruption and ensure the continued growth and development of the sport in a sustainable and ethical manner.

Final Thoughts

“Hurts Like Hell” is a gripping limited series that offers an eye-opening look into the world of Muay Thai boxing and its corrupt practices. While some may feel that there is not enough information to turn the series into a genuine eye-opening documentary, others may find the show’s entertainment value captivating. The show’s warm welcome in Thailand, where it was included in the Top 10 TV Shows in Thailand on Netflix, is a testament to its popularity. The series ultimately invites viewers to contemplate the future of Muay Thai and whether it can overcome the challenges of corruption to retain its place as a revered sport.

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