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5 Must-See LGBTQ Movies

By Film Threat Staff | July 25, 2022

Everyone knows about the movie, Brokeback Mountain. It made a big splash in 2005 because it was one of the first movies about LGBTQ people (in this case, gays), their challenges, and struggles in an unaccepting society. 

Since that time, there have been an increasing number of movies about the LGBTQ community, that deserve a viewing, if only to better understand LGBTQ love and relationships. Here are five you should consider.

Blue is the Warmest Color (2013)

This is a “coming of age” story to which all LGBTQ youth can relate. Adele knows she is attracted to other females. But she is conflicted, of course, because of her “normal” environment of high school, family, and society.

Ultimately, Adele begins a relationship with college student Emma, and you will come to understand the challenges, struggles, and joy they experience with one another. 

Why is this movie such a big deal? Because it has a much larger theme – the journey of a teenager searching for who she really is, what is important to her, and where she will finally from that journey. Being a lesbian takes almost a “second seat” to her growth as a secure, independent adult.

This is a movie not just for the lesbian community but for all young people moving from childhood into a comfortable place in the adult world.

God’s Own Country (2017)

Here is a movie that many claimed to be simply a “re-make” of Brokeback Mountain, but only a bit into it, you will realize that it is totally different. 

You will not like protagonist Johnny Saxby when you first meet him. He is a young drunk, hanging out in his bathroom, vomiting uncontrollably into the toilet, living on a small farm in Britain with his parents, and pretty much hating his life. And he is now in charge of looking after the livestock, a job he despises. 

Add to all of this the fact that Johnny is gay, in a family and a town where this is not acceptable.

A Romanian immigrant is employed to help with the work because he is experienced where Johnny is not. He is skilled (and handsome), but Johnny resents him and adopts a “whatever” attitude. But once they are forced to go to a remote area of the farm and tend to the animals, sparks do fly. They form a physical and emotional bond that transforms Johnny into a person we can all admire. 

This is a story of two gay men, their triumph over the challenges of a hostile society, and their personal journeys of finding out what they really believe in. There is a lesson here and not just for gays.

Love, Simon (2018)

Enter Simon, a high school teen who is gay but afraid to “come out” publicly – something that many LGBTQ youth face. Much of this movie mimics the typical romantic comedy involving teens – nerdy school officials, high school parties, parents who are a bit clueless, and, of course, the music. But they do have a fresh approach if that is indeed possible. The film begins with a narrative by Simon who states he lives a normal high school life, participates in some activities (e.g. drama club), and has plenty of friends. His one big secret? He is gay and afraid to “come out.” The plot thickens as he establishes a digital relationship with “Blue,” a fellow student who remains anonymous but who is also gay. Simon becomes “Jacques.” Complicating all of this is Martin, another student who finds out about the digital romance and blackmails Simon.

This movie is a mix of raw emotion, great humor, and will be totally relatable to young LGBTQ people. For those who have enjoyed movies like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and who also fall within the LGBTQ spectrum, this movie is great.

Duck Butter (2018)

So, you will not need to access a pansexual dating app to get into the complexities of sex and romance in the LGBTQ world. And you will need to put your ADD aside to follow this crazy wild film. But if you stick with it, you will enjoy the experience. 

Nima has been cast in her first major movie but is struggling with portraying the main character. Her directors tell her she doesn’t have enough real-world experience to relate to the role. So, she goes with a friend to a gay bar, meets Sergio, and goes home with her and her friends. They have sex. Sergio makes a proposal for them to spend 24 hours together, including sex every hour, in order to speed up a relationship. Nima refuses but then reconsiders once she learns she has lost her role. She returns to Sergio and they begin their “adventure.” They make art, love, and talk about their childhoods. At one point they attempt group sex with two other lesbians – a disaster. No “spoiler” here – watch the movie and see for yourself.

Dope Queens (2022)

This is just a teaser for one of many LGBTQ movies 2022 releases but which you should be on the lookout for. Three trans women operating in the infamous Tenderloin District of San Francisco have a harrowing night and, according to pre-launch reviews, will have you on the edge of your seats.

Something for Everyone 

The point of this list is to provide enough variety that anyone interested in LGBTQ-based movies will find at least one that will pique their interest. Pick one or two and enjoy.

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