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City Of Vultures 2

By Bobby LePire | February 11, 2022

The writer-director-producer-star of City Of Vultures 2, Marcus Carothers, has fully immersed himself in this world for years. In 2015, the first film was released alongside a short (Vulture City 2). Carothers would then go on to be the showrunner and star of the series Vulture City. Now, here is the feature-length follow-up, though where it lands in the timeline is a bit murky (immediately after the first film? Inbetween seasons of the show? After the series has concluded?).

Richard “G” Steele (Marcus Carothers) tried to go straight and narrow after being released from prison. However, the southside of Chicago is not an easy place to survive, so he aims to take over the streets and be the hub of all illicit activities in his neighborhood. His baby’s mama, Kayla (Dee Marie), becomes frustrated at how G’s actions affect both her and their son, Maliq (Harper Anthony). But, G’s wisdom and patience disarm most of Kayla’s objections.

“…[G] aims to take over the streets and be the hub of all illicit activities in his neighborhood.”

Meanwhile, G’s old gang members show up to support and brainstorm ways of taking over the streets. But unfortunately, their plan to hit some big-time players goes pear-shaped, and no one is prepared for the ensuing fallout. The brewing tension is only exacerbated by the cops building a case against G and his gang.

As a standalone entry, City Of Vultures 2 holds its own reasonably well. The opening title sequence establishes what happened in the previous entry (and the short and show, presumably). This allows any newcomers to be caught up to speed without too much unnecessary exposition getting in the way. It also establishes the main players, G, Kayla, and Maliq, and their relationship quickly, so those watching can immediately empathize with them. Much of this particular story does not require one to know the previous entries.

Unfortunately, the ending does. There’s a character in a wheelchair, learning how to walk again. He is not introduced until some 45 or 60 minutes in, and even then, it is only as the father of an important supporting player. That so much of the resolution hinges on this person, and his reaction to certain events means he should have been introduced earlier and peppered throughout more organically. Given how little of him is seen here, it feels like he must be from the show or short or first feature-length film.

City Of Vultures 2 (2022)

Directed and Written: Marcus Carothers

Starring: Marcus Carothers, Dee Marie, Harper Anthony, Daniel Hardy, Kendrick Holmes, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

City Of Vultures 2 Image

"…does not require one to know the previous entries."

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