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21st & Colonial

By Alan Ng | December 20, 2021

There was a time when the crossroad of success was choosing between the long road of hard work and the shortcut of crime. But today, the choice no longer leads to success but mere survival. Inspired by real-life events, Angelo Reyes’ short film, 21st & Colonial, is the story of two men forced to choose their path for survival.

Omar (Ogden Buck) is a man living on the edge. His life just got complicated with a text from his girlfriend, Rhonda (Sheila Lee), telling Omar she’s pregnant and that her father kicked her out of the house as a result. After his mother finds dope in Omar’s pockets, she warns him that small-time drug deals are not the way to go.

“…telling Omar she’s pregnant and that her father kicked her out of the house…”

On the other side of the dramatic coin is Carlos (Angelo Reyes), a police officer. Before heading out on patrol, Carlos’ wife Vanessa (Sue Prado) subtly urges him to seek help for the PTSD he suffered from his last tour with the Marines. Carlos aggressively tells Vanessa he’s not crazy. However, his quick temper witnessed by Vanessa and his partner, Joseph (Gerald L Campbell), says otherwise.

21st & Colonial takes a modern noir approach to its storytelling as events go from bad to worse for both Omar and Carlos as both are given several moments to do the right thing. Unfortunately, for Omar, the right choice never panned out the way he liked, and for Carlos, his refusal for help is a matter of pride. With a cohesive story, fantastic performances, and great editing, writer/director/star Angelos Reyes proves his chops as a filmmaker and storyteller.

For more about 21st & Colonial, check out the director’s Instagram.

21st & Colonial (2021)

Directed: Angelo Reyes

Written: Angelo Reyes, Toby Osborne

Starring: Ogden Buck, Angelo Reyes, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

21st & Colonial Image

"…takes a modern noir approach to its storytelling..."

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