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All The Bright Places

By Lorry Kikta | February 28, 2020

It proves to be a much harder task than she would have imagined. All The Bright Places explores some dark themes in the brightest way possible. It shows us that everyone is dealing with something out there, including the people who seem the most perfect and put together.

Along with Fanning and Smith, who are incredible in their leading roles, there is an impressive supporting cast. I mean there’s Keegan-Michael Key as Mr. Embry, the school guidance counselor; Luke Wilson as Violet’s dad; Virginia Gardner as Violet’s best friend, Amanda’ and Alexandra Shipp as Finch’s sister, Kate.

“…an immensely valuable tool in getting teenagers to talk to people about their issues…”

Brett Haley, who directed Hearts Beat Loud before this film, expertly guides this star-studded cast in a movie that tugs at your heartstrings but not in a cheap, sticky-sweet way. The situations that the characters in All The Bright Places face are immensely real and relatable. Part of the reason the film will resonate so well with everyone is no doubt thanks to Liz Hannah, who wrote the script based on Niven’s original novel.

I think this film is an immensely valuable tool in getting teenagers to talk to people about their issues with depression, abuse, eating disorders, etc. before it’s too late. It also shows people of all ages that this too shall pass, that humans are resilient but also fragile, and life will continuously surprise you. I think that All The Bright Places is a beautiful film. You will probably cry, but it will be worth it.

All The Bright Places (2020)

Directed: Brett Haley

Written: Liz Hannah

Starring: Elle Fanning, Justice Smith, Keegan-Michael Key, Luke Wilson, Julia Gardner, Felix Mallard, Alexandra Shipp, Nicole Forester, Lamar Johnson, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

All The Bright Places  Image

"…explores some dark themes in the brightest way possible."

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