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Addicted To You

By Alan Ng | February 17, 2020

Finding love can be so challenging, that maybe it’s not worth the effort even trying. “THOU SHALT NOT FALL IN LOVE,” is the single piece of advice, our young protagonist, Luke, picked up from his confirmed-bachelor uncle in Mike Cochnar’s rom-com Addicted to You. After embracing this philosophy to avoid the sting of rejection, Luke (Shane Hartline) loves the occasional one-night-stand but is intent on never allowing a woman to fall for him. But can Luke ever find happiness?

Luke works at the infamous Buzzstory with a wacky crew of characters. His boss, Mr. Adams (Warren Burke), is the gregarious-Michael-Scott manager-type, who works so desperately to be your friend and boss at the same time. Also, there are his roommates David (Garrett Mendez), who pretends to be married to hook up with women, and Jackson (Choni Francis), a good-looking dude with absolutely no game.

“…concoct a scheme to delicately break things off with co-worker Aimee by saying Luke is a sex addict.”

New at work is Aimee (Cat Alter), whose already scoped out Luke as a potential mate, hooks up with Luke after a few drinks, and has declared her love and self-proclaimed herself as the future Mrs. Luke. With things moving way too fast, Luke and his buddies concoct a scheme to delicately break things off with co-worker Aimee by saying Luke is a sex addict. Fortunately, Mr. Adams overheard Luke’s rejection of Aimee and invites him to his sex addicts anonymous group. Now Luke has to jump through hurdles just to maintain a lie.

Meanwhile, at the SNS Magazine offices is Kara (Melissa Paulo). Kara is gifted at writing click-bait articles, and her next assignment is to infiltrate a sex addict group and hook-up with one of the men and write a tell-all about the experience. She may be reluctant, but she is professional.

So Luke is in the group to sell a lie to a girl with whom he has no interest and Kara is in the group to research an article. But I suspect there might be some chemistry between these two.

Addicted to You is a rom-com in every aspect of the genre. Two young lovers, who can’t find love, find love, but both having secrets that would prevent love from happening.

Addicted to You (2020)

Directed: Mike Cochnar

Written: Mike Cochnar, Choni Francis, SteevJBrown

Starring: Shane Hartline, Melissa Paulo, Cat Alter, Choni Francis, Garrett Mendez, Warren Burke, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Addicted to You Image

"…a weed moment when everyone goes into various celebrity impressions..."

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