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Retro Movies That Shouldn’t Have Had A Sequel

By Film Threat Staff | March 18, 2022

We are well aware of Hollywood’s knack to squeeze the most out of blockbusters movies. Hopefully, every sequel released was better than the original movie, but sadly it isn’t the case for a large portion of follow-up movies.

Up next is a list of sequels of retro movies that would be better off without a sequel. Hope you don’t have the misfortune of watching them!

The Next Karate Kid (1994)

The original saga of Karate Kid is composed of 3 very successful movies that were acclaimed by critics in the 1980s.

But the Next Karate Kid was a failure as they tried to bring a breath of fresh air to the original idea and ended up in oblivion. They completely erased out of the equation the main character of the first movies, Daniel Larusso (brought to life by legendary actor Ralph Macchio), and introduced a new narrative with an increased degree of violence, perhaps thinking that the older generations would appreciate more rudeness in the movie.

And although it received very bad critics, at least fans were able to enjoy the performance of Pat Morita in the Professor Miyagi character and a young Hilary Swank before being awarded the Oscar. For a whole different movie many years later of course!

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)

You simply can’t turn one of the most legendary board games in pop culture into a video game! At least movie producers tried to keep the vintage essence by making it a video game cartridge, but in the end, it didn’t work out.

The Jumanji film of 1995 seemed like a classic retro movie that was set to survive the Hollywood urge to constantly make useless spin-offs. But in 2017 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle was released with a set of actors that would make it on a blockbuster comedy movie of racing cars and rock bands, but not in bringing back to life the magical world of Jumanji.

It’s very hard to imagine The Rock, Jack Black, and Kevin Hart in the original Jumanji movie. Cheap jokes and very little depth in the narrative of this Hollywood sequel. Hopefully, parents will do their job of showing the original movie to their children so they can have it as their reference.

Grease 2 (1982)

I bet you didn’t know that there was a sequel to the critically acclaimed movie of dancing and singing stars John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John’s Grease.

Well, let us be honest and admit that we didn’t know either. Perhaps Travolta and Newton-John weren’t even aware of this movie as they didn’t take any part in it. Replacing them as the main characters were Maxwell Caulfield and Michelle Pfeiffer, still a lot of talent to reproduce such a movie, but it didn’t quite work out.

Grease 2 had in any case the same choreographer as the original movie and you can think of the sequel as only that: A movie with great dance moves. It was ought to be the first release of three movies but the categorical failure of the first movie made the production company end the project there.

The Hangover Part II (2011)

The Hangover film of 2009 is one of the best modern comedy movies of all time. Raunchy humor combined with constant jokes kept the audience laughing for the whole hour and a half of the movie. One more legendary film with a story set on Las Vegas and involving the whole betting narrative around that makes the movie so special.

So, if you’re thinking of watching the sequel, you’ll be better off trying one of the many gambling platforms that you can find online and play from any part of the world. Reminisce of The Hangover movie by trying the best online casinos offering popular games like blackjack, roulette, or baccarat. It is recommended to look for one on review sites to ensure security. You’ll be more entertained by the range of games and magnificent welcome offers that the online casinos have for you, instead of losing your time watching this movie sequel.

The Hangover II is an almost identical movie to the first one, with the difference that it’s set in Thailand and sadly it seems as the same set of jokes didn’t make the cut for us.

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