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Must-See Cannabis Films for Home Growers

By Film Threat Staff | July 20, 2022

Are you deep into your home growing journey and wanting to fully immerse yourself in the cannabis world? Consuming content relatable to your current hobbies can only elevate the experience and hopefully teach you a thing or two that you might not have learned otherwise! There is so much to learn when it comes to cannabis cultivation, and the following film recommendations should jumpstart your motivation to learn more. Here are a few films and documentaries if you are handling marijuana seeds for sale and trying to figure out what to do with your newfound cannabis seeds. Alternatively, you can also buy cannabis from a dispensary store such as . They have many happy customers in Canada, selling all kinds of cannabis products.

The Scientist (2015)

One of the most infamous scientists that has made breakthrough discoveries regarding cannabis is Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, an accomplished professional from Israel that was the first to identify the compounds of the cannabis plant. His findings and research is what has paved the way for medicinal cannabis use, recreational and even the use of CBD, Delta-8 THC and so on. This documentary displays a lot of insight to the innovation and discoveries of the several sides of cannabis, and while findings about the scientific behind cannabis are constantly evolving, this film sheds light on the anatomy of cannabis to break it all the way down for those interested. 

High Profits (2015)

This series is jam packed with historical milestones during the road to legalization in Colorado, following real people on their quest to success in the ever expanding marijuana industry. This gives great insight to the experience that Colorado state underwent when becoming one of the first states to legalize cannabis. Several years later, it is extremely common to grab some marijuana seeds for sale and attempt a home garden, and docu series like this show how far the cannabis community has evolved and the barriers that have been overcome.

Culture High (2014)

If you truly want to learn the history of cannabis and the truth behind marijuana seeds for sale, Culture High is an excellent place to start. Diving into the history of marijuana prohibition and the war on drugs, this is a documentary that is also a sequel to The Union: The Business Behind Getting High. Both documentaries are rather insightful and worth looking into, and for those that prefer to watch more recent documentaries, please note that the history of cannabis has been experienced through several different time periods. Looking back and reflecting on the revolution of cannabis from decades ago to now, people treat the conversation of cannabis a lot differently than before and should continue to speak about it to destigmatize the judgments associated with this medicinal plant. 

Weed I, II and III (2013 – 2015)

If you’ve ever heard of Dr. Sanjay Gupta, you’ve probably already heard about the CNN docuseries Weed. Being the Chief Medical Correspondent, watching Weed I, Weed II, and Weed III is a testament to how convincing marijuana facts can change the minds of even the most biased and unconvinced. Going from a complete non-believer yet never have looked into the medicinal benefits of cannabis, Dr. Sanjay Gupta takes viewers through his journey in real time when he learns we have all been “systematically misled” when it comes to marijuana. Learn more about the healing properties of marijuana and the invaluable benefits of cannabis consumption through this insightful docuseries. 

Super High Me (2007)

This funny documentary follows comedian Doug Benson and monitors the effects that cannabis consumption causes him for a span of 30 days. Almost a spin-off tribute to “Super Size Me” about the effects on the body from only eating McDonald’s, Benson gets down to business and really puts his body to the test to see just how high he can (healthily) get. This is a nice and lighthearted film that is nice to put on in the background when you are looking for marijuana seeds for sale or planning out your home growing schedule.

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