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We all love being moved and inspired by watching a good movie now and then. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to get cinema tickets to do so. 

Some websites also give you access to stream movies for a fixed monthly or yearly paid subscription. But then again, some of us need to save our cash for necessities and cannot spare some just to be entertained. 

Movies not only provide us with entertainment but also serve as a means of escape from our dreary lives. Well, to your advantage there is a way for you to enjoy great films without spending a lot of money on them. 

Several online websites allow you to accomplish that. You can use these to watch movies for free from the comfort of your own home. Although you need to be cautious while using these websites because some of them might contain harmful viruses that can infiltrate and damage your software. 

We have mentioned a list of some free movie streaming websites that are completely safe and legal for you to use.


Crackle has a huge collection of movies to stream from for no cost at all. They also keep updating their websites with all the latest film releases. The video quality of the films is exceptional and looks good regardless of the screen size of your viewing device. 

Their mobile app is fairly easy to use and it saves your progress so you can resume the film from wherever you left off. Crackle offers original series in addition to thousands of full-length feature films with all your favorite stars. 

Some ads will usually pop up when you are streaming a film on Crackle but they are quite short in length and few in number. So these commercial ads won’t bother you a lot and you can have a great experience while watching your favorite films. 

If you want to make the website safe for your children to use then you can also sign up to set up parental control. However, the availability of the website is only limited to the US and its territories. In addition, the website also does not sort out movies based on their popularity.


We all know that it is fairly easy to find videos of pets and weird science experiments on YouTube. However, when it comes to access to films, most of us believe that YouTube is only limited to movie trailers. 

You will be surprised that YouTube offers more than just movie trailers. There are hundreds of movies available for you to watch for free on YouTube. You can even download them to watch offline in case you don’t have an active internet connection.

Under most of the films, you will find comments from viewers giving their authentic views about it. You can read these to help you decide if the movie is worth watching, but remember to stay clear of the spoilers. 

In addition, you can also leave your review of the movie in the comments. Most movies offer a range of subtitles to choose from so you can also easily enjoy some foreign films if you like. 

YouTube has its Movies and Shows section that you can easily scroll through to find some good ones to watch from their curated list of new and popular movies. Unfortunately, a lot of films are not available for you to watch in HD and you will probably have to patiently sit through a lot of ads popping in between while you stream. 

You will be glad to know that there is a solution to the latter issue. An app called Pure Tuber allows you access to YouTube’s entire database for free. The great thing about the app is that it allows you to stream all the videos without being interrupted by any ads. So, in case you are looking for a more streamlined viewing experience, Pure Tuber is the app for you. 


Popcornflix is another great website with a smooth and clean layout that allows you to watch several hundreds of movies for free. They keep uploading new movies to their website as soon as they are released so you are sure to find the latest films available for you to enjoy. They provide films from a ton of different genres including documentaries and foreign films. 

You do not need to create an account to get access to these films. You can just open the website and start streaming whichever film you want. They provide you with subtitles but they cannot smoothly fast forward or rewind the videos. In addition, they also do not sort the films by their release dates or popularity. You are, however, allowed to pause and resume playback whenever you need to.  


Yidio is a search engine that helps you find all the possible websites where you can watch any particular film that you want. They have organized categories of films according to their genre, release date, IMDb rating, MPAA rating, and much more. The unique filtering option allows you to locate the exact sort of film you need. They have an entirely separate category for movies that are free to stream. 

The website usually relocates you to another website to watch the film and most films are in DVD quality. Yidio can also prove to be very helpful if you need to rent or buy a movie. However, you might occasionally find some films to be incorrectly labeled as paid even though they are free. 


Tubi has a very large collection of movies and TV shows that are free for you to smoothly stream. Some of them might need to be rented but most of the media available there is free to stream. The video quality of the films is satisfyingly good and you are provided with an option for subtitles for most of them. 

This website also has a section called Tubi Kids specially designed to only include safe kids-friendly films. It gives access to a lot of kids-related movies that preschoolers or other kids might find entertaining. 

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