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What Are the Greatest Horror Series of All Time?

By Film Threat Staff | April 19, 2022

People entertain themselves in different ways, some of them prefer thrilling horror themes. Read the article to know about the top 7 best horror series ever.

Top 7 Best Horror Series Ever

The two-hour run time of a horror film is enough to establish a sufficiently terrifying plot, to keep your heart pounding and expose you to your set of characters, with enough hurdles to have your blood pumping. The cold, dark cinema with a top-notch stereo system enhances the fear factor of scary films. Both of which are necessary to have a good time in a scary film series. The horror movie genre has been existing for more than a century and has fostered numerous subgenres:

  • Comedy-Horror;
  • Slasher;
  • Supernatural-Horror;
  • Teen-Horror.

For each subgenre, there is a unique set of qualities that determines the genre it belongs to. People would be able to guess every movie they saw if there weren’t so many diverse subgenres. Horror movies aim to accomplish the purpose of any scary feature, which is to frighten the audience.

Horror Series History

Ancient Greek and Roman horror stories examined themes of death, demons, terrible spirits, and the spiritual world, and the horror drama was conceived. There are several examples of this, such as Euripides’ Hippolytus. Plutarch’s Parallel Lives is a collection of autobiographies that examines the different ways in which human beings fall short of standards of morality. 

It is a type of horror novel that deals with death, in particular, the gothic book. Edgar Allan Poe is best known for his work in this genre, which dates back to the 18th century. The supernatural was a common theme in nineteenth to twentieth century horror stories. Like Frankenstein by Mary Shelly in 1818 or Dracula by Bram Stoker in 1897. If you’ve ever wondered what happens when envy and lack of humanity collide, then this is the article where you will find movie samples to answer your questions! 

What Constitutes a Horror Film

As a general rule, the following attributes can be present in almost every horror film:

                          Attribute                        Explanation
There’s more emotion than words What the actors are terrified of must be shown, not told, to the viewer to be understood.
Increasing the tension The ability to amaze the audience with the pace of the plot and the drama.
Reaction time Spontaneous, startling noises or pictures that startle or frighten the audience.
Blood and guts The use of bloodshed and intestines to further terrify the viewers.
A psychopath or a baddie Anything or someone that is out of one’s hands. What motivates the bad person and what they’re competent in is critical to the story’s success.

Top 7 Best Horror Series Of All Times

Every film falls into a distinct genre, and the viewers can pick their favourite based on their preferences. The term “genre” refers to a grouping of movies that feature a common theme. These are some of the top horror television series, which are definitely worth your attention.

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks was a groundbreaking television show that paved the path for a plethora of subsequent popular shows. The iconic criminal thriller, directed by film legend David Lynch, is noted for its interesting characters and unsettling imagery. Twin Peaks centres on FBI agent Dale Cooper, who goes to the quiet logging neighbourhood of Twin Peaks in order to fix the assassination of Laura Palmer, a high school student who appeared to be an innocent victim. However, nothing is certain. 

Channel Zero

“Channel Zero” has a position in the archives of horror television because of its Tooth Child image only. The horrifying Syfy anthology series brought to existence the scariest creepypasta tales for four seasons. It was decided that each six-episode series would have its own unique story. With the first fixating on a terrible serial killer whose flesh was completely formed of teeth. Throughout all four seasons, the reviews were remarkably constant. Capturing the power of simple, global childhood anxieties to develop memorable images that stayed with the audience.

Being Human

With a grin on the camcorder, this film handles the inevitable mayhem with a softer tone that brings a metaphysical drama to levity. Despite its darker themes, it mostly works as a horror-comedy owing to the comedic components that serve to play out the more disturbing ones. This is particularly evident in Aidan Turner’s role as John Mitchell, a vampire. Now a typical bloodsucker, he was known for his violent exploits, and he is still haunted by the memories of those days.

The Haunting of Hill House

The thrills that will horrify viewers, as well as the underlying sadness of the plot, are all part of this film’s success. This is a bereaved and traumatized household that has no choice but to isolate itself from each other in order to deal with their grief. They migrate into a creepy manor house with the intention of turning it into a profitable business venture. They begin to have unusual and unexplainable encounters almost immediately.

Stranger Things

“Stranger Things,” a tribute to 1980s action films with a gory 21st-century plotline, swiftly emerged a Netflix hit after just one series. Will Byers, a 12-year-old boy, went missing from his home in the middle of the night, and the town’s mysteries were brought to the surface. That the main peers who set off in search of Will, the 4th person on their D&D team, have such a strong connection. The most fascinating part of the film is that they’re friendly, genuine, and also have an obvious attraction to one another.

The Twilight Zone

There has been a major effect on horror, sci-fi, and mystery adventures from “The Twilight Zone,” which is famed for its unexpected endings. Serling sought to exploit the show’s allegory to convey stories about current concerns. Like social justice and the Red Scare without stirring up controversy. Thus he was the series’s founder, lead writer, and keynote speaker. Aliens and demons stand in for human shortcomings, creating a perfect mix of terror and social consciousness.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Neal H. Moritz and James Wan produced this cult classic horror film in the 1990s. Ever since a contemporary 2021 TV series based on the original film has been launched. After a fatal vehicle accident, a set of teens share a hidden past. The story takes an unsettling twist when a psychopath begins pursuing them. Making each individual reassess their relationships with one another and with themselves.

Subgenres of Horror Films

Several alternative techniques and subgenres of horror can be adopted by filmmakers to scare their audiences, but all horror movies are intended to terrify the audience. These genres include:

  • Comedy horror. It’s not essential to feel your skin creeping to be scared. There is a subcategory of horror films that also seeks to amuse you.
  • Psychological horror. Horror films that concentrate on emotional and mental terror instead of monsters or violence are known as psychological horror movies.
  • Gore. In splatter movies, which are also known as gore films, close-up images of the human body are frequently used to emphasize the sensitivity of the physical body. The Evil Dead is an instance of a gory film.
  • Slasher. These films typically depict a serial murderer stalking a set of individuals and killing them one by one. Halloween, for example, is a classic slasher genre.
  • Body Horror. Body horror movies, which are closely associated with gore, may include depictions of the body system that has been drastically transformed. A pioneer of the body horror subgenre, director David Cronenberg is widely regarded.
  • Monster Horror. In several horror films, creatures from dark fantasy and science fiction are used to heighten the feeling of anxiety. The major adversaries of this frightening subgenre are frequently werewolves, zombies, and aliens. Films about the undead and the zombie apocalypse have been increasingly popular in recent years.
  • Found footage. Horror films in the documentary genre are presented as though they were “unearthed” by the filmmakers, as opposed to being original works. Discovering footage of an unidentified evil on a video recorder is an example.
  • Paranormal Horror. It’s akin to monster terror, but the spotlight is on the untouchable creatures in the paranormal horror category instead of the corporeal ones. Spirits, ghosts, and demons are examples of paranormal beings.

Horror Gambling

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Film categories are pleasures for many people, but how they are defined varies widely. Many people’s definitions of horror fluctuate, making it a difficult genre to pinpoint. For a movie to be called a horror film, several standards and conventions must be adhered to. People may not enjoy scary movies as much as others, but they may be attracted to some subgenres.

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