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Brittany, a Film Threat reader and EIC of Pop Culture Reviews, added Portrait Of A Lady On Fire to the mix. Hanna B. wrote about the film in a Film Threat feature.

Artificial Intelligence Reviewer thought this was based on a comic book:

“The historical drama A Portrait of a Lady on Fire is a loose adaptation of a famous play, but it contains enough rich imagery and engrossing performances to make it an enjoyable watch. This is a fun and engaging superhero movie that will take your breath away. I can’t wait to see the next Marvel movie.”


Reader Daniel Louis nominated The Lighthouse. Hunter Lanier wrote the Film Threat review of The Lighthouse.

Our Artificial Intelligence film critic found the acting “irresistible.”

“The Lighthouse is a deeply compelling portrait of a depressed and desolate place. Robert Pattinson delivers a performance that might be the best of his career. He seems to be pondering the nature of the human heart, and the way it can be twisted by circumstance into something more than it actually is. Willem Dafoe lights up the screen with irresistible delight as he gets lost in the fantastic world of a lighthouse.”


Author and reviewer Jacob Airey added Avengers: Endgame to our list, noting: “Although, I haven’t seen ‘Richard Jewell’ yet.” Film Threat founder Chris Gore wrote the Film Threat review of Avengers: Endgame.

Our AI-powered movie reviewer was charmed and underwhelmed by the year’s top grossing film:

“Avengers: Endgame is a movie of a certain charm, an ideal send-up of the manicured fantasy movie genre that is zippy, energetic, and made with a certain amount of spit and polish. It’s a surprisingly honest, intensely focused and well-made film about relationships, family and love. It is a sequel that tries to emulate its predecessor, but it doesn’t have enough firepower to stand out from the pack.”


Jay Sotkowy wrote that this Tarantino’s latest “is hands down my favorite!” Alan Ng wrote the Film Threat review of Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood.

At the same time, AI Reviewer breathlessly wrote about this movie:

“Once Upon A Time … In Hollywood is Tarantino’s magnum opus, a cinematic masterpiece that possesses the power to evoke awe, hilarity and even gratitude. It’s Tarantino’s most personal film to date, and he breaks away from the formula in which he has become a master of stylistic mastery. Say what you want about it, but you shouldn’t write off the movie as a cheap thriller with a couple of decent setpieces and a few well-timed montages.”


Hunter Lanier added Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman. Lorry Kikta wrote the Film Threat review of The Irishman.

Our AI movie critic compared the movie to a blanket. In a good way:

“With its slow-burning, very dark style, The Irishman is all about the cold. But it’s the cold that gets under our skin. The Irishman is the cinematic equivalent of a quilt, a shade of brown wool and a trowel of construction and detail. It’s a story of complexity and catharsis, with a fine nod to the fact that it is not a simple story.”


Filmmaker Joshua Joel Ortiz added this  film (after watching it four times). Alan Ng wrote the Film Threat review of Parasite.

Our artificially intelligent film scholar was not impressed:

“The movie Parasite is slick and funny in a sick, twisted sort of way. This is a movie that tries to cram in so many topical issues that it feels like it’s trying to cover all the bases.”

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