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5 Best Gambling Films for Casino Enthusiasts to Watch Right Now

By Film Threat Staff | July 10, 2023

Are you fascinated by the exciting world of gambling? The thrill of this activity and the rollercoaster of emotions players experience make it easy for experienced screenwriters, directors, and actors to create memorable films. If you want to study this entertainment and have fun simultaneously, watching their work is a good idea.

Whether your favorite game is roulette, poker, slots, blackjack, or something else, these are the best gambling films.

Molly’s Game (2017)

You should check Molly’s Game if you are into films based on true stories. Directed by one of Hollywood’s iconic directors – Aaron Sorkin – this film with Jessica Chastain as Molly Bloom in the leading role. This release will give you many things to think of once the credits start rolling.

Molly was a successful Olympic-level skier who decided to pursue a different career once she got out of form. She does this by organizing high-stakes poker games. These illegal gambling events provide a sense of secrecy and exclusivity, promising exciting moments to participants. Since many wealthy and shady characters started looking for ways to enter these tournaments, it didn’t take much time before the FBI got involved.

The complex and fun dialogues, Chastain’s excellent performance, and the question of the legality of gambling are some of the things that make this film attractive. Films like this made many people search for legal online casinos where they can get a hassle-free experience. A list of online casinos sites on a reputable review website can help you stay on the safe side when you feel like enjoying exciting casino action yourself.

California Split (1974)

Even though it was released in 1974, California Split is still regarded as one of the most enjoyable gambling/casino films. Once again, we have a product of a director that doesn’t require a special introduction – Robert Altman. George Segal and Elliott Gould are the actors playing the two central roles of two gamblers ending up in an unlikely friendship.

They are headed on a gambling journey across California. As they travel, they get a chance to learn more about each other. This bonding and the opportunity to meet unique characters make them think about their lives and habits.

One thing contributing to California Spirit’s popularity is the humorous situations in which these characters find themselves on their adventures. This is an excellent portrayal of the gambling subculture with all its advantages and flaws.

Croupier (1998)

Many forms of gambling are impossible without the presence of a croupier. So, it’s no surprise that we have a film with a title like this on our list. This time, we have a title that premiered in 1998 with Clive Owen as a leading actor. His excellent performance gives us a realistic depiction of an unsuccessful writer who decides to become a casino croupier. Obviously, this is a massive change for someone who lives a solitary life.

From director Mike Hodges comes a British neo-noir film with interesting elements. The story occurs in a London casino and goes beyond analyzing the games played there. Deception, illegal activities, and love affairs are some things you can expect in this film.

Thanks to the excellent atmosphere and unique situations depicted here, you can put yourself in the shoes of professional casino employees and explore the world of gambling from a different angle.

Mississippi Grind (2015)

Mississippi Grind uses a similar formula to the one found in California Split. However, this one has a modern take on the subject since its release in 2015. Ben Mendelson and Ryan Reynolds – this film’s main stars – become a gambling duo by accident.

As the name suggests, this indie drama, directed by Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden, takes place in the American South. Interestingly, one of the characters (Gerry) insists that Curtis (the other main character) follows him on his gambling journey because he’s sure that Curtis will bring him good luck. The complex characters, the analysis of gambling addiction, friendship, and the thrill of big wins are portrayed successfully in this cinematographic piece.

21 (2008)

Last but not least, we have 21, another film inspired by true events. In this drama, Ben Campbell (played by Jim Sturgess) is an outstanding MIT student who wants to join the Harvard Medical School. However, his plans take a different course once he joins a group of math wizards created by a university professor played by Kevin Spacey.

Thanks to the card-counting system developed by this group, they can beat almost any casino in Las Vegas. The problem is that they will get noticed by the management and security of many establishments, leading them to trouble and even life-threatening situations.

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