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Hollywood Fans VS YouTube Subscribers: What Will Bring You More fame?

By Film Threat Staff | November 25, 2022

Many people want fame and fortune, and today, there are different ways of seeking success. In the past, it was necessary to get onto some form of mainstream media, like television, movies, or radio, to become famous. But now, individuals go viral on social media or become important influencers and streamers. Of course, it’s also harder to get seen on YT these days, so many creators buy subscribers for YouTube as a way to get subs for a cheap price.

So which is better: Traditional Hollywood fame or becoming a YouTube influencer? Let’s compare the two.

The Power of Creative Control

YouTube is an amazing platform for creative people who want to make art precisely how they see fit. Literally, anyone can make these easy steps:

  create a channel;

  make videos about anything – the secret life of insects, how to apply eyeliner, dad jokes, or – whatever interests you;

  and in any niche, you may gain many subscribers for YT.

One of the reasons influencers often don’t make the transition from online star to TV or movie star is the loss of control – they go from being able to have complete creative freedom to being told what to do by suits who make decisions based on Excel spreadsheets. Many YouTubers consider highly restrictive contracts with TV or movie studios and decide they’d rather keep doing their own thing on YouTube.

Even those who do attempt the transition often find they have to make changes that alienate much of their core audience. Despite the addition of a big budget, some bloggers feel that the quality of their content declines, as well as the number of YT subscribers, when they move to a more mainstream platform – and if you’ve ever complained about all the boring and unoriginal shows on TV, you know why. Taking a unique shtick and turning it into another cookie-cutter concept can be a creativity killer.

Another problem is that fans often watch TV or movies for different reasons than they view YouTube. Some YT subscribers feel that they have a “parasocial” relationship with YouTubers, whose content tends to be very personal and down-to-earth. Audience members may feel they know the creator’s personality and are eager to share their thoughts by commenting or hitting a thumbs-up on other comments.

On the other hand, someones watching a movie or TV show usually feel that they are watching something scripted, not getting a peek into someone’s real life. And that’s okay – sometimes users want to escape from reality through entertainment. But the audiences for these mediums are frequently very different, so success and many subscribers on YouTube don’t necessarily translate to winning elsewhere.

Ease of Access

It’s challenging to “break into” Hollywood. This was true before the internet, and it’s true now. Sometimes individuals post YT videos in the hopes of being discovered by a producer, but this rarely works out, partly because millions of users do the same thing, and the platform is saturated with creators hoping to be discovered and gain many YouTube subscribers.

Of course, you will run into the same problem if you move to LA and go to every cattle call audition you can find – you will be one of many talented people all vying for the same roles. Even the most talented, hard-working individuals may pursue an acting career for years with little to no success. Other incredible YouTube performers are overlooked because producers want someone with a specific “look” or a person who fits an unrealistic ideal of attractiveness.

On YT, you don’t have to wait for anyone to cast you – it’s possible to post your own clips whenever you want without having to seek the approval of a Hollywood gatekeeper. However, the downside is that you don’t get the built-in audience promised by Netflix, Hulu, or a TV channel and will instead have to find your own subscribers for YouTube.

It can also be tough to seek out a fan base when you’re new to YT. In a way, it’s a little like those Hollywood cattle calls – thousands of new users upload shorts to show off their talent daily. Even if you do in-depth keyword research and use your keywords skillfully, you may still be buried under pages of other videos on the same topic.

So many users struggle to get their first 100 views as a result, let alone go viral. If you want to pursue fame through YouTube, you will need to analyze your target market and develop a strategy to bring in YT subs, then work consistently at it.

Long Form Versus Short Form

Although longer videos are allowed, it tends toward shorter clips. If you’re hoping for a viral video, the recommended length is two minutes or less – the internet has a short attention span. Those wishing to monetize their content on the site are advised to make YouTube videos of at least ten minutes but often don’t go much beyond this time limit. Here are some things to consider:

  The trend toward shorter content works well for some types of content, but mainstream media – even streaming services like Netflix and Hulu – mostly prefer longer-form pieces.

  As a result, some entertainers who do exceptionally well on YT find that their content no longer brings that many YouTube subscribers.

  Some types of comedy, for example, play much better in a 30-second viral spot or a five-minute routine than in a half-hour episode.

  “How to” or tutorial shorts work very differently depending on length, and some YouTubers have a routine that doesn’t transition well to longer pieces.

However, there are some upsides to traditional media. Scripted genre shows have never really caught on at YouTube, so if you want to make the next “Stranger Things” or “Game of Thrones,” you might be better off trying to go the movie-star route. Also, anything that requires a large budget (special effects, expensive props or costumes, etc.) may be difficult to do on YT unless you happen to own a money tree.

The Price of Fame

The exciting thing about fame is that a person can have millions of loyal YouTube subscribers but be relatively unknown off the site. Many are primarily unheard-of outside of their online fan group. While they may occasionally be recognized in public, they don’t have as many people seeking their autographs as big celebrities.

When was the most recent time you heard of a YouTuber being pursued by paparazzi? Probably never because this rarely happens. So, if you are the kind of person who would hate being followed by the press or signing dozens of autographs every time you go to Walmart, you might prefer YouTuber subs.

So What’s the Best Option?

Truthfully, we can’t answer that for you because the answer is different for everyone. Both YT and Hollywood fame are difficult to achieve, require a lot of hard work, and offer no guarantees.

However, YouTube does provide opportunities for people who can’t afford to live in LA or whose talents may not be appreciated by mainstream filmmakers. It also affords the creator much more control over their work and great volume to reach more YT subscribers. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each after reading this article to determine

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