By Don R. Lewis | October 16, 2006

Tomorrow night I leave for the Austin Film festival on a red eye flight. I’m still a little shocked that we were accepted into the fest. To be honest, I’ve been in an artistic funk that last few months and have really found it difficult to write anything other than reviews. I’ve just had this really apathetic view and couldn’t get my a*s in gear. But having Austin want to show the film I made has turned all that around. I have a newfound spark and it feels great.

The past few weeks have been busy. My friend is just putting the final touches on our posters and they look killer. Then, my partner John and I were tossing around promotion ideas. He wanted to get little bottles of liquor and put a sticker on them to promote the film. Although it seems like a good, eye catching idea, I don’t think it’s legal. So instead, we’re handing out bubbles with our movie info on them.

Speaking of booze”¦I had a fundraiser/birthday party yesterday. I got over $1000! Just in time too as I plan on being as ubiquitous as I can in Austin. I’m not really a good schmoozer, but I do like to socialize.

Another good promo idea I had was to post my movie info on some of the music mailing lists I’m on. I’m a fan of bands like The Old 97’s, Drive by Truckers, Slobberbone and Wilco. Those bands all have a lot of mailing list folk who live in Austin. I hate to be the annoying, off-topic jackass who promotes himself on someone else’s list, but I also don’t want to be the only one in the theater. Another thing I did was I tricked out my myspace page by changing my name on it to STRINGERS AT THE AUSTIN FILM FESTIVAL. That way when I post messages on friends and bands myspace pages, they can see my info straight away.

Other than that, I’m ready to go! I will post more frequently now as the time is near so stay tuned true believers!

The Austin Film Festival runs October 19-26 so come see me!
More information at The Austin Film Festival Official Site

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