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By Chris Parcellin | February 6, 2003

This DVD gives you two skin flicks for the price of one. First of all we have the original, 1970 production of “Roxanna” directed by Nick Phillips and costarring the ultra-bosomy Uschi Digard. I couldn’t really detect much of a plot here as our heroine (Louise Thompson) just kind of moves from one sexual escapade to the next. This film is probably only notable for the presence of Digard who has become something of a cult figure in the retro-porn game for her Titanic (apparently natural) breasts at a time when giant implants weren’t available to make any stripper with a few grand into a top-heavy big money earner.
In the 2002 “remake,” Roxanna (Misty Mundae) is a troubled young girl who fantasizes a lot about sex. And you know when it’s Seduction Cinema and Misty Mundae it’s all about lesbianism–indeed; the plot never matters and is often an embarrassment. This is another unremarkable movie, except for Mundae’s effortless radiance.
The chief extra on this DVD is an interview with 42nd Street Pete–a porn historian of sorts, who gives us some background on the original “Roxanna,” including a sort of overview of the kind of cheap skin flicks they were cranking-out in New York City at the time the Nick Phillip’s version was made.

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