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By Film Threat Staff | May 10, 2005

Film Threat’s Phil Hall turns up on VH1 beginning May 16 with the new series ‘BSTV.’ The concept of the show is a spoof of reality programming, with people auditioning for outlandishly bogus reality productions. Phil appears on the episode ‘Come Fry with Me,’ in which he auditions for a faux-reality show where the winner gets to pull the switch on a Texas death row inmate. While ‘BSTV’ claims the contestants were totally unaware that they were auditioning for phony shows, Phil reports that he and at least another contestant on ‘Come Fry with Me’ knew immediately they were being played for a joke and thus happily hammed it up for the cameras. The episode debuts on May 16 at 10pm Eastern and (in typical VH1 fashion) will be rerun to death for weeks afterwards. Oh, Phil is the guy with the loud tie (he never claimed to have good taste!).

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