By Chris Parcellin | January 30, 2001

If you’ve ever seen Botko’s short “Fruitcake,” you’ll quickly realize that “Baked Alaska” continues with his theme of “Let’s make a disgusting recipe and feed it to my family”. In this charming feature our hero mixes roadkill and maggots in with Baked Alaska that he makes for his mother. But — unlike “Fruitcake” — this film shows our unnamed star (presumably Botko — he’s not too big on providing credits for his work) describing his mom’s shortcomings…all he can come up with is that she’s a loner. Big goddamn deal. I hope she saw this tape, and then kicked the s**t out of him.
There’s nothing funny or entertaining here, but “Baked Alaska” is a roaring success as a pure gross-out fest. (The film gets an extra star for Botko’s G.G. Allin t-shirt.)

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