By admin | November 2, 2002

You’re a p***y! Yeah that’s right, I just called you a p***y. But that’s okay, I’m a p***y too. In fact, we’re all just big, fat p*****s with all our bitching and moaning and trips to the shrink and prescriptions for anxiety medication. We stress over every little obstacle that pops up in life. Well what about the superheroes? Think about the superheroes for just a second you selfish bastards. They’re out there risking their a***s for us against s**t that would make you turn white…and they have to deal with life’s little problems as well.
Lucky for them there’s Dr. Flora, who hosts a radio show exclusively for superheroes to call in and vent their frustrations. In this hilarious short, Dr. Flora takes calls from folks such as Peter Parker who is distressed about an accident involving Mary Jane, Clark Kent who is concerned that Lois won’t be able to “take him” in bed, Bruce Banner who has some anger management issues and a few other special surprises.
Most importantly, Billy Crudup provides the voice for Dick Grayson, aka Robin. As some of you may know, Billy Crudup was the original choice to play Robin in “Batman Forever,” but in the end, the role was given to Chris O’Donnell. A major loss for us, but here’s Crudup playing Robin six tears later, even if it’s on a smaller scale.
True, this film will definitely be a hit amongst comic book nerds, but it’s sharp sense of humor and impressive production value will also appeal to those that are fortunate enough not to be comic book savvy.

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