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By Admin | May 30, 2006

After a craptacular debut at the Cannes Film Festival, Richard Kelly has said he’ll have to make extensive cuts to his film “Southland Tales.” At first the director was not being allowed to fly to Cannes due to a passport mixup that had Kelly’s name listed as a terrorist threat, then the director arrived just in time to see his film met with confusion and dislike across the board. Now Kelly says he’ll have to cut nearly an hour from the film and says he doesn’t “quite know what the film is.” C’mon, Richard. You have a star studded sci-fi mystery that’s going to pique alot of interest in any form onscreen. Then you can milk the ancillary markets with extended cuts, books and the already announced graphic novels. Quit acting like this is a bummer, it was probably planned! Look beyond the B.S. “artistic vision” and…

Check it out at Dark Horizons>>>

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