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By Eric Campos | June 10, 2003

Beautician for the dead, Stan, is the Dr. Dolittle of the mortuary as he talks to the corpses and they talk back while he makes them up. He treats them with caring warmth like they were dear friends, much warmer than he treats his co-workers and mother with whom he lives with. His only social life exists within the mortuary walls. But then things get complicated as the body of a beautiful young woman, Sylvia, is brought in. Stan has a hard time getting her to talk at first, even going to the lengths of visiting her parents to try and find out what her interests were. When he finally gets her to wake up, she sees what a wonderful job he’s done with her make-up and falls in love with him, but their love life is very short lived…or is it?
It’s not as seedy as it sounds. It’s a twisted love story for sure, but this is no “Nekromantik.” This film doesn’t focus on gross-out elements of post-mortem relationships, but rather on the lonely existence of a man who can only befriend dead people. Very cool and unusual film.

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