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By Film Threat Staff | July 26, 2002

The techniques of some of film’s greatest cameramen are revealed in the American Society of Cinematographers’ book Reflections: 21 Cinematographers at Work by Benjamin Bergery.
According to Bergery, Reflections is a book about cinematography for students, film professionals and cinema lovers. The book presents case studies of film lighting by some of the world¹s leading cinematographers including Stephen Burum, Jordan Cronenweth, John Hora, Owen Roizman, Philippe Rousselot, Michel Hugo, Stephen Goldblatt, Steven Poster, Henri Alekan, Frederick Elmes, Tony Pierce-Roberts, Vilmos Zsigmond, Haskell Wexler, Laszlo Kovacs, Yves Angelo, Jack Green, Denis Lenoir, Raoul Coutard, Allen Daviau, Darius Khondji and Vittorio Storaro.
Reflections is a visual book about a visual art form. Every chapter is illustrated with reproductions of 35mm film frames. Most chapters cover workshop footage shot by a cinematographer and are accompanied by frames from timed workprints and lighting diagrams. Chapters about “La Belle et la Bete,” Breathless, “Fearless”, “Seven” and “The Last Emperor” are presented with frames from selected sequences.
Reflections addresses both the technical and aesthetic aspects of cinematography. Wide-ranging discussions with cinematographers start with specific commentaries of the illustrated work and go on to include thoughts on lighting design and philosophy. Cinematographers also talk candidly of the everyday practice of cinematography such as working with the director, scene design, managing time, the politics of the set and other realities of the film business.
Reflections is intended to be read in different ways by different readers. The book¹s twenty-four chapters are broken into a sequence of seven sections: an introduction to cinematography basics, the key light, portraits, day interiors, night interiors, lab techniques and the design of sequences. However, the book is also designed to allow readers to jump from chapter to chapter to pursue a topic of interest.
ASC President Steven Poster, whose work is represented in the book, stated – “Reflections is one of the best books I¹ve ever seen on cinematographers and cinematography. I learned so much from reading it. This is a wonderful textbook on this art and craft that we love to talk about, read about and actualize.”
Visit the American Society of Cinematographers website to order Reflections: 21 Cinematographers at Work.

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