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By Michael Ferraro | November 9, 2006

Lu is a lonely woman residing by herself inside a van near an upscale hotel. When dinnertime rolls around, she ventures inside the hotel to find leftovers in the hallways when Carolyn, a Beverly Hills mom, invites her into room. Inside the room roams a one year-old baby girl, naked and uncared for. This mother is too involved in her own world to care for the child. So she enlists Lu to baby-sit the kid while she goes out with a man that isn’t her husband.

Carolyn is the kind of mom you’d imagine Paris Hilton or Tara Reid, or any of those other spoiled socialites, would be when they are parents. Especially now, at the peak of their partying days, how would they handle this responsibility when they never had to before? Writer/director Sian Heder used her real-life Los Angeles-area hotel babysitting experience to create a believably accurate portrayal of a socialite that is finally past their prime. Mother is a beautifully tragic and darkly comic story of odd encounters and parental neglect that won’t be easy to forget.

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