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By Admin | January 4, 2005

How hard is it to review a movie you wrote? To be honest, I didn’t write this movie. Katharine Leis is actually the scribe. I just happened to write a very similar story a little over a decade ago, so I knew exactly what
was going to happen here.
“Run” is a thriller that plays a lot like a standard slasher film. It has the lone female jogger (Leis) doing all the wrong things, and it features a stereotypical creep in the bushes (Brad Boyce) who pursues her. Is
there more to it than that? Well, it’s a five minute movie that I’m giving a favorable review to, so it’s a safe bet my description doesn’t paint a complete picture.
The best audience for this film is folks who don’t watch these types of movies. Meg Ryan fans, people who enjoy “Becker,” and those who don’t like horror because it’s “too scary” will actually get the most enjoyment out of
this short. The rest of us may think we’re too jaded for such stories, but that won’t stop us from realizing what a clever piece of work Leis has produced.

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