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By Don R. Lewis | May 20, 2014

Hey everyone, welcome to episode one of my new podcast “Gonna Make You Watch!” In this podcast I will invite a guest whose work resonates or reminds me of a film I’ve seen or heard about and I will then make them watch it. After that, we’ll chat about the film and whatever new thing they’re working on as it relates to the film. It should be really cool. I hope.

My first guest is playwright/writer/film and theater critic David Templeton whose new one-man play “Wretch Like Me” has been getting rave reviews in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. So much so that he’s been invited to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in, you guessed it, Edinburgh, Indiana. Just kidding… Edinburgh, Scotland. If you check out his site for the next week or so you can kick in some cash to help him cover travel expenses and you should! David’s a great guy living a dream he’s had and the reception to his show has been outstanding.

I chose David as my first guest because he’s been writing a column for years called “Talking Pictures” in which he and a guest see a movie that resonates with their work and then they talk. Sound familiar? That’s because I’m doing the same thing and basically ripping him off. BUT, I told him I was ripping him off and as a kind of penance, I asked him to be my first guest. We’re cool now. My wounds are healing nicely.

So, David and I saw Darren Aronofsky’s “Noah” and chatted about it, as well as David’s growth from an evangelical, Christian puppeteer to a recovering evangelical, Christian puppeteer, and it was a great chat. I’m not a real big Bible or religion guy so there were some surprises for me. I hope you like the podcast and please stay tuned. I have some great guests coming up and I’m really excited to get this going.

If you have questions, comments, guest ideas or anything else, please email me at GonnaMakeYouWatch[at]

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