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Who is Gatsby Randolph?

By Rob Rector | January 28, 2021

Unfortunately, it is also one of the few tales in this narrative origami that is unfolded for the viewer. Who is Gatsby Randolph is beautifully shot, with slow pans during the interviews as we hear stories from those in Randolph’s inner circle, many of which lack a graphic to let us know from whom we are hearing.

Additionally, with as much as Randolph promises to reveal to us, there still is no clue of what he does, where the funds to fuel his escapades come from, or what his true endgame is. During one poorly edited montage, Randolph and his partner squabble over a caseful of cash that we, the audience, have no idea where it came from, how he intends to use it, or if it is actually a prop to propel the narrative.

“…no clue of what he does, where the funds to fuel his escapades come from, or what his true endgame is.”

Randolph’s exploits certainly leave him with anecdotes to tell, but the film never reveals his goal outside of just “being seen with famous people.” Throughout, he reminds the viewer of a modern-day Jean Ralphio from the television series Parks and Recreation. In that series’ ongoing storyline, Ralphio wheels and deals his way into an entertainment company called Entertainment 720, which is as ambitious as it is empty.

And speaking of ambition, Who is Gatsby Randolph carries with it a soundtrack that must have cost millions of dollars to afford the rights to some of the songs included. When the film concludes, Randolph looks directly into the camera and promises that he will have further adventures within the industry, which comes off giving the entire affair an air of nothing but a long-form self-promoting commercial.

Kobe “Gatsby” Randolph certainly possesses an infectious energy level, which is enough to keep audiences engaged throughout. There were times in which the film was stopped and rewound just to keep up with his Busta Rhymes-like speed when he speaks. By the time the credits roll, Who is Gatsby Randolph comes no closer to answering that question than when it began.

Who is Gatsby Randolph? (2019)

Directed: Marcus Turner

Written: Kobe "Gatsby" Randolph

Starring: Kobe "Gatbsy" Randolph, Chad Marks, etc.

Movie score: 5/10

Who is Gatsby Randolph? Image

"…carries with it a soundtrack that must have cost millions of dollars..."

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  1. Mark Cohen says:

    I liked the movie , I thought I’d was funny, smart, and all around dope.

  2. Staci Blackwell says:

    I totally disagree. I watched this movie, when he screened it a few months ago, and I was blown away.
    This movie has so many layers to it that a simple minded spectator can easily get lost in the flits and glam, but the undertone is so deep.
    For a young black man to come to Hollywood with no real resources and pull of what he did is very rare.
    Then you have to ask yourself how did he actually make the movie . I remember feeling like “I can’t believe this is real , and I had never seen anything like it before.

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