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This wishy-washy back and forth extends to one other arena of the movie as well. That is its own low budget. There is a fictional movie series, Rocket Von Ribcage, in the film, and one of the characters loves these low budget, goofy titles. Another hates them, and one of them loves that her friend loves them. This feels shoehorned in as a way to stymie any critiques of shoddy effects and gratuitousness raised toward Slaughterhouse Slumber Party. It is not effective, though the trailer for this fake film is amusing.

Oddly enough, one of the reasons it does not totally work is because the special effects are not too terrible. They are nothing fancy, but I have seen much, much worse. Considerably helping things along are the designs of the CGI ghoulies and spells being cast. The tiny green skeleton with tattered wings looks gooey and nasty in all the right ways.

“…any significance it is meant to have died with intentional titillation.”

For whatever flaws the movie might have, Mills brings an infectious enthusiasm to the whole thing. It loves that it exists and barely gives the audience a chance to breathe as it throws one crazy turn or over-the-top joke at them. This gleeful energy helps gloss over the issues so that at the end of the day, the viewer remembers the goofy antics and likable characters. The cast is also a significant asset to the movie.

Everyone knows the sort of film they are in and go for broke. Kayla Elizabeth, as the well-meaning and very empathetic Carol Anne, is probably the best of the bunch. She’s the one who loves how much Lennon enjoys Rocket Von Ribcage. As Lennon Erin R. Ryan has a lot of the best moments and interacts with the special effects the most believably. J. Ania Lupia is a really fun villain, playing it so serious it is comical. Her reaction to the idea that a drink will “put hair on your p***y” is probably the biggest laugh I had the whole film. But each actor showcases fantastic comedic timing and really owns their roles in a fun way.

Slaughterhouse Slumber Party is lewd, raunchy, utterly ridiculous, and perfectly happy to be so. While the film tries to awkwardly shoehorn a message of sorts, which does not work, its fast pace, the constant barrage of jokes, and game cast more than make up for those problems.

Slaughterhouse Slumber Party (2019)

Directed and Written: Dustin Mills

Starring: Kayla Elizabeth, Roni Jonah, Haley Madison, Erin R. Ryan, Alyss Winkler, Reagan Wright, Melissa Sue Zahs, J. Ania Lupa, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Slaughterhouse Slumber Party Image

"…lewd, raunchy, utterly ridiculous, and perfectly happy to be so."

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