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Slaughterhouse Slumber Party

By Bobby LePire | March 24, 2020

Slaughterhouse Slumber Party follows sorority sisters Carol Anne (Kayla Elizabeth), Langley (Roni Jonah), Courtney (Haley Madison), Lennon (Erin R. Ryan), Stoya (Alyss Winkler), Blanche (Reagan Wright), and Moon (Melissa Sue Zahs) on their bonding night. During this weekly tradition, no cellphones or significant others are allowed to intrude. On this particular night, Carol Anne invites Gretchen (J. Ania Lupa) to join the festivities.

Gretchen has different ideas and casts a spell to transform her into an all-powerful being. But, in order to do this, she needs to die and come back through a chosen vessel. The sorority sisters decide to fight back, as they like their lives. Over the course of this night, secrets will be revealed, supernatural curses broken, and so much gratuitous nudity will be on display. It becomes awkward.

Over the course of this night, secrets will be revealed, supernatural curses broken, and so much gratuitous nudity…”

Slaughterhouse Slumber Party comes from writer-director Dustin Mills, the man behind the immensely entertaining but incredibly stupid The Puppet Monster Massacre. He has helmed a number of other titles in-between, but I have not seen any of them. But the intervening years have not taken Mills juvenile sense of humor away, which leaves one question- is Slaughterhouse Slumber Party fun?

Overall, yes, but the film has several problems. Firstly, is all the nudity. Early on in the movie, the ladies are having a pillow fight when one of them stops the proceedings. She goes on to exclaim that she “didn’t know we were getting naked.” She then strips off her clothes and joins in on the merrymaking. Just having nudity for the sake of it, is not an issue. It is problematic when the characters talk about the double standards of women versus men and the bits that need covering, only to throw a lesbian sex scene a few minutes after that conversation. The movie wants it both ways, and it does not work. Having the ladies prance about all-natural works within the stated context given, but any significance, it is meant to have died with intentional titillation.

Slaughterhouse Slumber Party (2019)

Directed and Written: Dustin Mills

Starring: Kayla Elizabeth, Roni Jonah, Haley Madison, Erin R. Ryan, Alyss Winkler, Reagan Wright, Melissa Sue Zahs, J. Ania Lupa, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Slaughterhouse Slumber Party Image

"…lewd, raunchy, utterly ridiculous, and perfectly happy to be so."

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