Stephen King’s It A Musical Parody Haunts LA in October Image

Stephen King’s It A Musical Parody Haunts LA in October

By Film Threat Staff | October 7, 2019

As a part of the Rockwell Musical Parodies series, the Los Angeles dinner theater will kick off Halloween season with their hysterical take on the frightening classic, which includes actor Garrett Clayton playing the role of Pennywise. Stephen Kings’ “It” A Musical Parody kicks off at the Rockwell Table and Stage in October with a hauntingly hilarious take on the horror film bi-ology. (Is “bi-ology” a word? It’s not a trilogy, there were only two movies… um, get back to us.)

Stephen King’s “It” A Musical Parody follows the haunting plot line in Derry, Maine where seven young  outcasts confront their worst nightmare – a shapeshifting evil that emerges from the sewer to prey on children and disguises itself as a clown, known as Pennywise. Taking place over a horrifying summer, the group must band together to overcome their fears and battle the infamous, monstrous demonic evil. Rockwell Musical Parodies’ rendition takes inspiration from both the original 1990 classic film  and the 2017 re-make, as well as the novel that started it all, ensuring an epicly frightful experience.

Why so serious? Wait. Sorry. Different killer clown.

But, you guys, Stephen Kings’ “It” A Musical Parody is even more fun! While you can see the film and be frightened, why not experience the Stephen Kings’ “It” A Musical Parody show live in Los Angeles? Combine the film parody with music, spooky scares, breakout dance numbers and a killer clown and you’re in for a great time. Congrats It team, you nailed it again! The parody hits all the best parts of the film and becomes its own thing entirely. Singing! Dancing! Comedy! Music! A scary clown! Don’t miss It. (Get It? We did It again!) So check It out and get out of your seats and dance, the show plays through November 10th, 2019. Rockwell Table & Stage is located in Los Feliz at 1714 N. Vermont Ave, Los Angeles. Tickets are now on sale. (Thanks to Bryan Carpender for his remarkable photos.) 

The kids are back. Are they back?

Garrett Clayton is shockingly scary as a singing Pennywise!

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