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Senior Love Triangle

By Alan Ng | August 3, 2020

William loves both Adina and Jeanie. The three accept it because, at their age, it’s about being happy. There is a jealousy that develops between Adina and Jeanie because William loves one more than the other. Because this is a crazy insane film, there’s a crazy insane three-way that’s unbelievably original.

Kosofsky and Blatz’s screenplay captures what it’s like to be a senior and locks in on what surviving means at this stage of their lives. All three have lost a significant other. They need to ultimately decide where they are going to live out the rest of their days, and how each other will play in their lives.

“It’s No-Holds-Barred approach to relationships is why you should see this film.”

Also, adding to the brilliant story are the rich, keenly developed characters of William, Adina, and Jeanie. They are not your stereotypical older characters, but we know people like them. William is cantankerous and laser-focused on his retirement plans, and nothing will derail him. At the same time, he’s loyal to Adina and Jeanie and wants to take care of them. Jeanie is the new girl and is slowly losing her memory. She’s found new love, and she holds on to it. Adina loves William and puts up with his dreaming and scheming and becomes the bitter pill when she confronts William with the truth.

Speaking of bitter pills, the ending smacks you on the side of the head, and it’s terrific. Senior Love Story is not for everyone. It’s No-Holds-Barred approach to relationships is why you should see this film. It heads off in unexpected and delightful directions. This plot could have been easily told starring a trio of young adults, but gladly it isn’t. By making them seniors, a whole new world of storytelling possibilities opens, ones that you’d never see coming.

Senior Love Triangle (2020)

Directed: Kelly Blatz

Written: Kelly Blatz, Isadora Kosofsky

Starring: Tom Bower, Marlyn Mason, Anne Gee Byrd, etc.

Movie score: 8.5/10

Senior Love Triangle Image

"…a crazy insane three-way that’s unbelievably original."

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