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Red Rover

By Kyle Bain | April 30, 2020

As Red Rover progresses, audiences become more and more engrossed in the story of Damon and what he is trying to do and trying to become. This is a result of Bruun’s ability to effectively portray emotion in a way that viewers are familiar with. His pain and his struggle are relatable, and his performance allows the audience to empathize with him. His expressions are straightforward, no irony here, and his performance is direct, leaving very little to the imagination, forming an unbreakable bond between his character’s life and the audience.

Bruun is beautifully gifted, and he demands attention from the camera and audience. Damon’s unassuming persona allows viewers to feel comfortable with him and his performance, drawing them in further and further as the story progresses. He never breaks character, and he never comes up short in expressing emotion. Gee and the rest of the cast also capably reach the audience and create a seemingly unbreakable bond

“…perfectly exudes these themes in a way that audiences can relate to.”

The script created by director Shane Belcourt and Duane Murray shines brightly and connects quite easily with audiences. They took an idea that may be considered just that, an idea, and turned it into a story of depression and escape. Without their expertise, it is possible that Red Rover would have lacked the reach and impact it does have.

Depression, love, and bettering one’s self are the central themes of Belcourt and Murray’s screenplay. The cast of talented actors perfectly exudes these themes in a way that audiences can relate to. Viewers will be unable to step away from the wave of emotion that is Red Rover.

Red Rover (2019)

Directed: Shane Belcourt

Written: Shane Belcourt, Duane Murray

Starring: Kristian Bruun, Cara Gee, Meghan Heffern, Anna Hopkins, Morgan David Jones, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Red Rover Image

"…quite the far-fetched story."

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