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Red Rover

By Kyle Bain | April 30, 2020

The main character of Red Rover, Damon (Kristian Bruun), has had a rough go of things lately. His love life is in shambles, he was recently let go from his job, and everything around him is falling apart. As Damon contemplates his role in the world, a stranger named Phoebe (Cara Gee) presents him with a way out of his disappointing life. The titular Red Rover is an experimental, one-way trip to Mars. He understands the difficulties that will come with his decision to go to space, but the attractive Phoebe proves to be the most significant obstacle of them all. 

“As Damon contemplates his role in the world, a stranger named Phoebe presents him with a way out…”

Red Rover is quite the far-fetched story. It tries to convince audiences that moving to Mars is the perfect way to start over and escape the realities of the harsh world in which we live. What is even crazier than the script, is the fact that the ensemble ably convinces viewers of the story’s plausibility. The journey to Mars is not necessarily made out to be realistic, but the idea that Mars is the only place far enough away to escape our realities is made understandable by the wonderful writing talent of Shane Belcourt and Duane Murray.

While it is a potential reality for Damon, it represents much simpler ways of escaping the real world. Damon’s planned journey to Mars represents more than just an escape. It represents the everyday struggles of being human and, even deeper than that, depression. Damon’s ever-growing depression makes life difficult and makes running away seem like the only reasonable choice to make. His situation is one that many people are far too familiar with, and this allows audiences the opportunity to become part of the story. Furthermore, the implausibility of Damon’s mission to Mars ironically captivates viewers and pulls them in and piques their curiosity.

Red Rover (2019)

Directed: Shane Belcourt

Written: Shane Belcourt, Duane Murray

Starring: Kristian Bruun, Cara Gee, Meghan Heffern, Anna Hopkins, Morgan David Jones, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Red Rover Image

"…quite the far-fetched story."

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