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Autumn Never Dies

By Bobby LePire | April 20, 2020

Autumn Never Dies is both the title of this short film and a saying that becomes ever so important to the main characters. See, the saying is about not running away from your problems, as they don’t disappear by doing that. Much like how each season rolls around every year unless you deal with your issues, they will come back at some point. How the romantic hero internalizes this is for you to discover.

This sequel to The Greyness Of Autumn starts at the funeral for Jimmy Guinness, whose wreath reads “Deer Friand,” and the monkey Nelson (Chris Quick) gives a very brief eulogy. Back home, Nelson talks to his roommate Danny (Duncan Airlie James), just before the ostrich heads out to therapy. Later on, the two friends meet up for bar trivia.

“Lizzie and Danny hit it off right away…before long, the two are officially in a relationship.”

It is here that Danny and Nelson meet Lizzie (Nicolette McKeown) and Becky (Lauren Wade). Lizzie and Danny hit it off right away and go home together. Before long, the two are officially in a relationship. However, Danny’s newfound happiness finds a wrench thrown its way when Katie (Amy Ebbutt), his first love, re-enters his life. Will Danny continue his current relationship with Lizzie? Or will he succumb to old, comfortable feelings, even if he knows the heartbreak at the end of that path?

I had never heard of The Greyness Of Autumn, much less even seen it until writing this review. I am happy to report that Autumn Never Dies ably stands entirely on its own, as the characters are well sketched out, and the plot feels more or less self-contained. Though, there is one scene that maybe makes more sense if you have already visited this world.

After therapy, Danny is sitting on a bench, jotting down his thoughts. All of a sudden, some crazy “Karen” type woman comes up and accuses him of drawing her children. Though Danny denies it, she still threatens to call the cops. I don’t get what this scene was trying to add or say about the world or Danny. It is wholly unnecessary. But, aside from this odd diversion, director and writer Chris Quick, along with co-writer Andy S. McEwan, have crafted a fun, believable world.

Autumn Never Dies (2020)

Directed: Chris Quick

Written: Chris Quick, Andy S. McEwan

Starring: Duncan Airlie James, Nicolette McKeown, Chris Quick, Amy Ebbutt, Lauren Wade, Ray Crofter, etc.

Movie score: 8.5/10

Autumn Never Dies Image

"…like how each season rolls around every year unless you deal with your issues, they will come back..."

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