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Moment of Your Time

By Alan Ng | November 30, 2021

Three letters that strike fear in the hearts of millions of American homeowners are HOA. George Elias’ thriller short, Moment of Your Time, is the story of a loving couple who recently moved into a nice townhome complex.

While doing chores, the wife sees a stranger staring at her through the window. Soon, the doorbell rings, and the stranger is now talking with her husband. The man says he’s from the Homeowners Association and begins asking some very personal questions. Then, things get creepy as the man describes in detail the couple’s bedroom.

“…things get creepy as the man describes in detail the couple’s bedroom.”

Elias has crafted a real DIY production, and much of the thrills come from the storyline. My only real criticism is the editing. One more pass to tighten up dialogue and action would have benefitted the final cut. Moment of Your Time gets right to the point with a brisk eight-minute runtime. The short is a creepy tale about the ease with which a stalker can infiltrate the lives of their prey.

Moment of Your Time (2021)

Directed and Written: George Elias

Starring: Raf Adame, Jay Bostick, Jordan Garcia, Eduardo Robinson, etc.

Movie score: 6.5/10

Moment of Your Time Image

"…much of the thrills come from the storyline."

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