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Of course, none of this would matter unless the cast could convince the audience of the high emotions and drama at play. Luckily, Smith and Tomb assembled a fantastic bunch of actors. Megan Groves is great as Laura. At first, she’s delightful and fun, but when things get out of hand, her fear and anguish are equally as believable. As the best friend, Kellyann Summers is also excellent. She is full of energy and clearly cares for her friend. The two play off each other quite well.

“…Smith and Tomb assembled a fantastic bunch of actors.”

As the two creeps, Luke and Shipton are quite reprehensible. Upon first meeting them at the bar, they come off as perfectly fine, maybe even a bit charming. But when their characters’ turn a more salacious way, they embody the predatory bully perfectly. That is a testament to how good they both are that you do not want to encounter either actor in an alley after watching the film.

Not to spoil things, but Laura’s Story does end telling people that if you are a victim of sexual abuse, you are not to be blamed, no matter the circumstances. It is a beautiful message, even if it is sad that it even needs to be said. It gives the film considerable weight and should have all who watch wishing to help. What more can a movie do then call its viewers to action in a meaningful way?

Laura's Story (2019)

Directed: Kris Smith, Nikki Tomb

Written: Nikki Tomb

Starring: Megan Graves, Kellyann Summers, Martyn Luke, Chris Shipton, etc.

Movie score: 10/10

Laura's Story Image

"…if you are a victim of sexual abuse, you are not to be blamed, no matter the circumstances."

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  1. Ian Loasby says:

    Fantastic experience to be part of the production of this short film

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