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Laura’s Story

By Bobby LePire | May 22, 2020

Kris Smith and Nikki Tomb, after their fun horror short Clowns, return with an intense tale, though this one is more realistic, and as such, more monstrous. Laura’s Story begins as Laura (Megan Groves) prepares to go out to celebrate her birthday. Her friend Kaylee (Kellyann Summers) comes over and helps with her wardrobe choices, and the two head out to a bar.

Laura is a bit bummed, as some other friends had to cancel, but Kaylee tries to keep her spirits up as best as possible. At the bar, the two friends catch the eyes of James (Martyn Luke) and Tom (Chris Shipton), who buy them drinks and start a conversation. As the night wears on, Laura imbibes a bit too much and starts feeling poorly. So, Kaylee gets her out of the club, but once there, they can’t find a cab. Kaylee goes to get one, leaving Laura alone for a few minutes. In that brief time, James and Tom see the very drunk Laura and take her off the streets. The two then proceed to sexually assault the poor woman, as her friend searches desperately for where she may have gone.

“…Kaylee goes to get one, leaving Laura alone…James and Tom see the very drunk Laura and take her off the streets.”

Laura’s Story takes its time to establish Laura and Kaylee before dragging them through hell. This time is well spent, as the viewer comes to really like Laura and Kaylee. Laura is firm in how she wants to look and has some fun mocking some of the more outlandish outfits Kaylee brought for her. It quickly establishes her as funny and the kind of rapport she shares with her friend. It also cements that these two are good friends, as they can kid each other in such a fashion. While out, Laura knows her limits and tries to stop before she hits them, unsuccessful though she is there.

All of that means that the audience comes to really care for Laura. Thus, when the unthinkable happens, it leaves the viewer feeling gutted. That is because Tomb’s screenplay has a very natural and realistic flow to it. She and Kris Smith direct with an eye towards grounded realism. Nothing flashy happens, thus everything comes across as plausible and realistic. Much like the script, this does give way to a deep emotional connection to the characters and leaves the viewer devastated on Laura’s behalf.

Laura's Story (2019)

Directed: Kris Smith, Nikki Tomb

Written: Nikki Tomb

Starring: Megan Graves, Kellyann Summers, Martyn Luke, Chris Shipton, etc.

Movie score: 10/10

Laura's Story Image

"…if you are a victim of sexual abuse, you are not to be blamed, no matter the circumstances."

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  1. Ian Loasby says:

    Fantastic experience to be part of the production of this short film

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