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I Am Rage

By Michael Talbot-Haynes | September 6, 2023

NOW ON VOD! Thirsty for the finest cheap thrills? Chug down an ice-cold six-pack of “Who’s the bitch now?” with the rapid-fire revenger I Am Rage, directed by David Ryan Keith. It opens in a cellar with Margret (Marta Svetek) delivering a horrific a*s beating to a half-naked man (Ryan Livingstone) who dared resist being cut with knives while tied up. After dissecting him, she cuts his throat open and catches the blood in a bucket brought by hooded figures with creepy masks. A man in a white lab coat (Mark Wood) laments the waste of product, for which Margret gives him a sneer and the bucket.

We then jump away to Erin (Hannaj Bang Bendz), caught in a flurry of nightmares featuring unspeakable acts before waking up shaken. She runs to take her medication when her new boyfriend, Adam (Derek Nelson), comes knocking to pick her up for the weekend trip out to his parents’ remote cottage. Erin is uneasy about meeting Adam’s wealthy parents and is less comfortable when she finds out Adam’s brother, Michael (Luke Aquilina), will also be there with his new girlfriend, Sarah (Antonia Whillans).

“…Erin and Sarah find themselves in the cellar, in the clutches of blood farmers.”

Sarah and Michael try to play a joke on Erin, which ends up with Sarah getting poked in the snoot. Sarah is sorry and apologizes, as she didn’t realize Erin was so high-strung. Sarah also keeps saying Erin seems very familiar to her and is famous for something. Erin insists Sarah is mistaking her for someone else. They both later meet the father, Peter (Jamie B. Chambers), and the mother, Ruth (Debbie Sheridan), and feel like these rich people are measuring them up. The boys tell them parents are easy, just wait until they meet their sister Margret, who should arrive soon.

Soon, Erin and Sarah find themselves in the cellar, in the clutches of blood farmers. Meanwhile, wealthy businessman Wilson (Niko Foster) is out on the cottage grounds with hooded figures in masks, hunting leftover human beings for sport. Erin informs her captors she needs her medicine to keep control of her temper. They let her know she won’t be getting any more medicine. That’s when Erin informs them that she will kill them all.

I Am Rage (2023)

Directed: David Ryan Keith

Written: David Ryan Keith, Stephen Durham

Starring: Hannaj Bang Bendz, Marta Svetek, Antonia Whillans, Derek Nelson, Luke Aquilina, Jamie B. Chambers, Debbie Sheridan, Niko Foster, etc.

Movie score: 9/10

I Am Rage Image

"…excites the area of your face between the skin and smiling skull."

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