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Captain Marvel

By Lorry Kikta | March 8, 2019

Okay, I have to admit two things before we go any further with this review of Marvel’s latest film, Captain Marvel. Both of these will be controversial for different reasons:

1. I have not read the comics…and not just the Captain Marvel comics….none of the Marvel comics. Please go ahead and go into a blind rage, I’ll wait. This doesn’t mean I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed the MCU because I have. Starting with Iron Man, I have seen every one of the movies that make up The Avengers universe. I’ll admit that the reason I watched Iron Man, to begin with, was because of Robert Downey Jr. and the reason I kept watching the films is that I have a lot of friends (and a boyfriend) who are comic book nerds…uh I mean…fans.

2. I had a really hard time imagining Brie Larson pulling off a superhero. Not because I don’t love her, I’ve enjoyed her performances ever since I saw her playing Kate Gregson on United States of Tara….and Room? Sheer brilliance! I just couldn’t imagine her as AN AVENGER! However, if you would have told me in the year 2006 that Robert Downey Jr. would be most well known around the world for playing a comic book character and not for his role as Wayne Gale in Natural Born Killers—or that Chris Evans would get famous as all hell for playing a different superhero than Johnny Storm…I would have laughed at you.

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  1. adam lae says:

    By 8:00 A.M. on opening day in the United States, the film held a 33% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes from more than 58,000 reviews, which was more audience reviews than

  2. KAD says:

    I’ve been waiting for the Captain Marvel to air, hoping it would complement the MCU, but her origin was so clouded with action and special affects, that it is unclear to know how she truly became Vers and where she is going at the end of the film. I like her attitude though she looks lost in her role at times. She’s able to help us understand some details from Affinity War, but Samuel L. Jackson was the true star, holding up the integrity of Marvel. Jude Law is terrific, as expected whenever he’s performing. I just wish I liked the overall movie more.

  3. Jon says:

    Ehhh, it was okay. Larson was stiff as a board but it was a decent by the numbers Marvel movie.

  4. Horus Mazinga says:

    They squandered a villain with great potential (Skrulls) in order to take a side in political allegory. Larson was sorta OK at first and I even liked some of the stuff in the first half of the film. But it started halfassed and got less assed as it went. By the end it was just outright stupid. Too bad. I really had high hopes.

    • Tessa says:

      I don’t get where you think that the Skrulls were wasted “to make a political point”. Honestly, I just thought it was an awesome plot twist, especially since GOTG already established that the Kree are not exactly the nicest folks.

      25 years will have passed between the time this movie took place and Phase 4. That’s plenty of time for some evil Skrull to have taken over and turned them into a threat. They might be the Big Bad for the entire movie cycle.

      A villain that hasn’t yet been used is hardly squandered.

  5. That's What She says:

    I disagree with Mr. Gore. Larson is well cast in the role. It’s the lack of her character’s depth in the script that let Larson down. I doubt any actress could’ve pulled off a better, or actual, performance. Even Meryl Streep couldn’t mat “She-Devil” work, so don’t bother bringing her up.

  6. Duder NME says:

    No The Breeders, Kate Bush, or Kittie, no sale.

  7. Steve smith says:

    Pfft yeah okay.

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