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Service and Sacrifice

By Alan Ng | April 22, 2024

COMING TO VOD! As the adage goes, “One bad apple can spoil the bunch.” This is the plight of law enforcement across America. The actions of one bad cop have repercussions that spread not only to our boys (and girls) in blue but to our communities as well. From documentarians Chris Kenneally and Chris Cassidy, Service and Sacrifice puts the hard work of law enforcement center stage.

The documentary features the testimony of a diverse set of police officers along the East Coast. From Columbus, Ohio, Anthony Johnson was a kid headed down the wrong path until he met a local police officer who became a mentor to him. Also, in Ohio, the death of Officer Anthony Dia resonated throughout the city of Toledo, as he was the first officer to die in the city for well over a decade.

“…puts the hard work of law enforcement center stage.”

Matias Ferreira lost both his legs in Afghanistan and works with training and motivating recruits in Suffolk County, New York. Gerald Ford was a career officer who volunteered to move into the city he protected. He currently serves as a liaison with the community of Alexandria, Virginia. Just down the road, so to speak, in Stafford County, Virginia, Carol Burgess visits schools and brings a smiling face to its school kids.

The 30-minute documentary simply oozes positivity, featuring primarily talking head interviews with its subjects and on-the-job footage. Service and Sacrifice makes the vital connection between law enforcement and the communities these officers are sworn to protect. Strangely, this is about as controversial as the film gets, especially at this time when “defund the police” is the mantra of the angry mob.

Service and Sacrifice will be available on all VOD platforms on May 10, 2024. For more information, visit the Global Digital Releasing website.

Service and Sacrifice (2024)

Directed and Written: Chris Kenneally, Chris Cassidy

Starring: Anthony Johnson, Gerald Ford, Carol Burgess, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Service and Sacrifice Image

"…simply oozes positivity..."

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