Mondo Hollywoodland: From Movie Screen to Comic Book Image

Mondo Hollywoodland: From Movie Screen to Comic Book

By Film Threat Staff | April 24, 2023

Production-finance company Assembly Line Entertainment  has just launched Assembly Line Comics published their first graphic novel, Mondo Hollywoodland, The graphic novel is illustrated and adapted by Letterhack’s Matt Strackbein, who will be joining Assembly Line Comics as Chief Illustrator.

Mondo Hollywoodland is an adaptation of Assembly Line Entertainment’s 2021 psychedelic-comedy of the same name that was produced by Academy Award nominee James Cromwell and directed by Janek Ambros and co-written alongside star Chris Blim and Marcus Hart, who are also co-authors on the graphic novel. After it’s exclusive launch for The Majority Report with Sam Seder, the graphic is now available online and in select comic bookstores, including notable spots like Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash.

Assembly Line Entertainment, founded by Ambros in 2012, has produced over a dozen feature films that have premiered at festivals such as Venice, Sundance and TIFF. Upcoming films include “Monica”,” which was nominated for a Golden Lion at Venice, “Magoada” and “Ukrainians in Exile,” a documentary on the refugee which they produced with two-time Academy Award winner Janusz Kaminski – Steven Speilberg’s longtime collaborator.

Assembly Line Comics will publish two to three graphic novels a year, predominantly utilizing their existing IP catalogue and developing new stories in both action & adventure and non-traditional genres for the medium. Upcoming titles include Clear Creek – a post apocalyptic action/adventure, Diego – a noir that tracks an obsessive photographer who manipulates a gang war to advance his art and California Blackjack – a character study about a failed showbiz manager struggling with a gambling addiction.

“We’re excited to have film and graphic novels be ancillary items to each other, with a focus in independent film. Mondo Hollywood was made for a shoestring budget and is already out in the world as a film, so we figured that’d be a fun place to start. Matt [Strackbein] is extremely gifted and we’re excited to work with him on the upcoming graphic novels.”

Matt went on to add, “Adapting Mondo Hollywoodland into a comic was an absolute thrillride for me and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. So teaming up with Assembly Line Entertainment Comics is an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.”

Get Mondo Hollywoodland now at this link

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