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Why the Casino Theme in Movies Is Here to Stay

By Film Threat Staff | October 17, 2022

There have been so many movies that have had a casino theme or that are based on casino gaming, fun, and entertainment, and it is a theme that is arguably here to stay. This article examines why this is the case and how the new form of an online casino may be about to take center stage in this genre, eliciting movies and entertainment spin-offs that are all related to playing at the online casino.

The History of the Casino Theme in Movies

For as long as we can remember, there have been movies made about casinos and the high life portrayed within them. The trend has been to show them as great places of entertainment, but also it was these early movies that set the tone and created an understanding of what the casino was all about, and sometimes, wrongly so.

In fact, from as early as 1910, there was a German drama film series based on the gentleman thief Arsene Lupin that had some great casino scenes. It is a movie and Hollywood trait that persisted through all the early black and white western movies and remained a go-to theme for many movies, such as Smart Money, the Cincinnati Kid, and Rounders. Famous movie genres, like The James Bond franchise, Oceans 11, and Casino have all continued to use the casino as the focus of the movie, and they have been incredibly successful at that. It is a movie genre that makes for fast-paced, reality-based excitement and fun. 

However, these casinos have always seemed to be somewhat above and beyond the means and reach of the normal person. The movies had always portrayed the casinos to be highly sophisticated and glamorous or, on the other hand, very much part of an underground scene that you needed to be specifically invited to attend. This may have affected many people’s perceptions of the casinos out there as either way too glamorous or too risky. The casino was seen as an event; something or somewhere that you would plan well in advance to go to, and dress up accordingly to fit in.

Movie Stars That Are Big Casino Players

So, the trend has been to have movies that were based on the excitement and fast-paced fun of the casino, and this has now transferred into real life, where we have famous movie stars that are known casino buffs and aficionados. Whether they’re playing at an online real money casino or the real brick-and-mortar versions, some big-name players have continued to drive this relationship between movies and the casino. 

Actors (and directors) like Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Toby Maguire have all been known to play and win big at the poker table, and Paris Hilton has a penchant for the slots. This has further cemented the relationship between the movies and the casino, as those that we most associate with fame and fortune in the movies we watch, also like to play at the casino, and specifically, play the same games that we have access to.

The Next Level

Social media and the ability to share experiences in smaller amounts and even to live stream experiences have seen modern-day celebrities being able to play online and then share this with fans and followers. This ability to share what is a much more normal experience has seen a change in the perception of these casinos. They are much more in touch with the normal person and accessible to all. Online casinos have come a long way, and as more celebrities play online and share some of this, it has seen a rise in online casinos, with improved social acceptance. Celebrities, such as Drake, have been known to post stories about winnings and the good times they have online. It is a way that the relationship between celebrities and the casino has evolved and yet remained in the spotlight. The type of casino may have changed and the manner that we play is remote and virtual, but the games are generally the same, and so is the fun and excitement involved. 

The argument as postulated in this article is that the casino theme in movies is here to stay and it has been developed and adapted over time. It is now the online casino, played, supported, and frequented by celebrities that will arguably be the next step in this development, and these stories remain to be told in film. Watch this space.

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