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Why Do Movies Depict Gambling So Wrong?

By Film Threat Staff | November 22, 2022

You are watching James Bond 007 playing blackjack in Licence to Kill (1989). He just won US$250,000 but is now under the radar of some bad guys. That sounds chaotic, but is it so in reality?

Numerous movies are based on real-life events, but they are usually known to add a bit of drama to ensure the audience doesn’t leave their seats before the lights turn back on. Eventually, some great movies give the world a list of myths and misconceptions about gambling.

But fret not, as we are here to bust the myths.

Nevertheless, while traditional casinos have their exclusive movie list to boast about, their modern counterparts are expected to catch up to them soon. To gauge the overwhelming popularity of online casinos, why don’t you try out the best online pokies in Australia for real money?

4 Gambling Scenarios Movies Often Get Wrong

Gambling can be fun – if you know how to gamble responsibly. And yes, there are plenty of people who want to have fun, but don’t want to be reckless, who go to a casino. Some go to play slots. Some go to dance. And some just to get into the vibe. Many also play online – as they can choose their favorite games right from their home.

1. Casinos are run by the mafia

A lot of times movies have shown casinos being run by the mob. This concept in reality, however, has turned obsolete since so long ago. These days, casinos are highly regulated, and a lot of their profits are used for social good, such as helping underprivileged kids with their education.

2. Only business outfits will ensure an entry

Many movies show the protagonist with a black tie or a white one winning big in a casino. This scenario holds little truth. After all, how do you expect people in Vegas to come wearing suits when it’s over 30°C at least half of the year? Nevertheless, some casinos do ask their customers to adhere to a dress code, although they are extremely few.

3. You either win big or lose it all

The fact that the ones in a movie always win big (or at least the amount they had thought for themselves) or they lose it all is extremely misleading. The frequency of this happening is more in online casinos, compared to their land-based compatriots.

4. Without lady luck, you are doomed

Numerous movies out there show the protagonists using their gut feelings or luck to win the show. Well, the reality has never been that simple. Not every game works on just luck. You also need impressive skillsets and proper strategies – especially in poker and its similar varieties. It’s the probability of winning the round the gambler is usually curious about, in contrast to intuition.

Does Every Movie Depict Gambling Wrong?

Not really; a handful of movies depict this ancient hobby in an honest way. Try out 2021 blockbuster ‘The Card Counter‘. This movie tells a realistic casino story, and the poker game is one of the most authentic ones you will ever see on screen. 

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