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Who Will Win the Best Actress Oscar in 2023?

By Film Threat Staff | November 29, 2022

American movie awards just don’t come any better than the Oscars. The 2023 Academy Awards could well be special for Cate Blanchett. Will the Australian actress win her third Oscar? Online American sportsbooks certainly believe that may well be the case.

Blanchett is certain to be nominated for her role in the movie Tár. Directed, written and produced by American Todd Field, Blanchett is at the top of the US betting market for the Best Actress Oscar award and deservedly so.

The movie (that was released in the US in October) tells the story of a renowned female composer-conductor named Lydia Tár.  The conductor is preparing for a record of Mahler’s 5th but all is not well in her private life. The movie hasn’t been a massive box office hit in the US but that’s never been something to rule out the possibility of Oscar success. According to NJ.bet, online sportsbooks guide, it may well be a third award for Blanchett next March.

From a troubled conductor, we now go to a depressed cinema manager. Olivia Colman is among the favorites for Oscar success for her role in ‘Empire of Light.’ This is due to be released in the US in December. 

It’s set in 1980s Margate which is on the south coast of England. It’s not a great time for businesses with a recession. The cinema is struggling as is Hilary until she falls for new ticket-seller Stephen. The fact he’s black sees racism rear its ugly head. Colman puts in a great performance and US bookies believe she might just win her second Best Actress Oscar.

If Cate Blanchett doesn’t justify her favoritism with US online gambling sites, then another Australian might be the winner. Margot Robbie is favored by many for her role in the movie ‘Babylon.’

This doesn’t get into US movie theaters until just before Christmas. It’s a movie that takes us back to the early days of Hollywood. That was a period when many actors had to try and cope with the switch from silent movies to talkies. This isn’t quite ‘Singing in the Rain’ though and there are some triumphs and downfalls to be seen.

Another leading contender for Oscar success is Michelle Yeoh. US bookmakers have her close to the top of their betting markets for her role in ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once.’ Yeoh plays Evelyn Quan Wang, who owns a laundromat but isn’t enjoying doing so.

Now that might not sound too interesting but then it becomes far more complex. We learn that there are several parallel universes and each life choice creates a new one. Now it sounds a bit confusing but the movie has received positive reviews from US critics, particularly the performance of Yeoh. A bet on her with a US online gambling site may well be a successful one in March.

English actress Carey Mulligan is another who is winning favor with both US critics and American betting sites. Mulligan is fully expected to be nominated for her role as Megan Twohey in the movie ‘She Said.’ 

This looks at how journalists Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor (played by American actress Zoe Kazan) uncovered the truth about the sexual misconduct of Harvey Weinstein. Now a few in Hollywood might find this all a bit uncomfortable but it’s a story that deserves telling.

There are echoes of ‘All the President’s Men’ that told the story of how journalists exposed the Watergate crisis that rocked US politics in the 1970s.

Emma Thompson has had a varied career and that’s illustrated in the movie ‘Good Luck to you, Leo Grande.’ It’s a long way from her appearance in the musical ‘Me and My Girl’ and movies such as ‘Love Actually’ and ‘Last Christmas.’

Thompson has won the support of US bookmakers for her part as a retired widow who has a night with a male sex-worker. It’s one of those roles that looks at self-discovery and they do tend to go down well with members of the Academy. If you’re looking for an outsider to bet on at a US betting site, then this British actress fits the bill.

Michelle Williams has received praise for her role in ‘The Fablemans.’ This is a semi-autobiographical movie that looks at the childhood and early working career of Steven Spielberg. 

Williams plays Mitzi Fableman who is based on Spielberg’s mother. You can’t really go wrong when Spielberg is involved and Oscar success is expected with the legend favorite to win the Best Director and Best Picture awards. 

The Best Actress category is, as usual, a very competitive one. Blanchett is the current favorite with US bookmakers but odds do fluctuate and are bound to do so by the time the awards ceremony takes place.

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